black community from producer to consumers
014: Shifting the Black Community from Consumers to Producers
October 30, 2017
Cartoon Graphic Black People Hold Up Gameboard
016: How the Black Community Can Become a Political and Economic Powerhouse
November 14, 2017

015: How to Start a Profitable Amazon Sales Business for Less Than $500

Selling a private label brand on Amazon

November is here, and that means online selling season is about to be in full effect.  In this episode, I lay out the steps to setup a profitable Amazon sales business for less than $500 using a product sourcing technique called retail arbitrage.  I share my experiences getting started and relay the tools, techniques, and tips I used to turn a profit within my first 30 days.  This show is a must listen.

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You can find all the tools I mentioned during the show at the links below:

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