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January 2, 2018
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January 15, 2018

022: How to Start a Drop Shipping Business with Rashida Hawthorne

Lay the Foundation for Your Empire with a Drop Shipping Business

Do you want to start your own business, but don’t feel ready to take such a big risk. Finding a product, buying inventory, advertising…the process can be overwhelming.  My guest Started a Drop Shipping Business to lower her risk and get her first business off the ground.

Join us, as Rashida explains how she used the profits from her Hover Board Drop Shipping Business to launch Glambulbthe perfect lightbulb for makeup application.

Both the Drop Shipping Business and Glambulb are tools Rashida is using to work toward her ultimate goal. Building an entrepreneurial empire that changes the Christian Entertainment Industry.

This episode lays out the steps you can take to build your empire, starting with a Drop Shipping Product and ending at Your Dream Business.

  1. Find a product that is high quality, very popular (preferably trending), and reasonably expensive.
  2. Find a manufacturer who supports the Drop Shipping Business Model.
  3. Negotiate your pricing.
  4. Build your Online Storefront; Shopify has one of the best platforms for this.
  5. Start Selling!

Drop Shipping Businesses Are a Favorite for Beginning Entrepreneurs

You’re able to sell pretty expensive products at high profit margins, with almost no startup costs! The best part, especially for people with low or no capital, is that you don’t own or have to store inventory!  Your customers buy from your website, your manufacturer stores and ships the products, and you collect the profits from the transaction.  It doesn’t get much easier than that!

It’s going to take more of us starting small businesses like this to build Economic Power in the Black Community.  Every new profitable business we start is another step toward true independence and equality.  It’s time to leave the sidelines and check into the game.  Get your Business Plan together Setup Your LLC, and make something happen.  The market is waiting for you!

Use our Buy Black Business Resources to help you get started!

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