Support black-owned businesses, find individual artist grants w/ Stephanie R Bridges
048: Use Individual Artist Grants to Fund Your Creative Business w/ Stephanie R Bridges
July 23, 2018
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August 6, 2018

049: In Spirit, Power and Truth – Inspiring Stories & Poetry by Stephanie R Bridges

In Spirit Power and Truth, Poetry and Stories by Stephanie R Bridges

In this episode, Stephanie R Bridges shares excerpts from the inspiring stories and poems that she has written and captured in her books.  This is one of the most powerful and expressive conversations we have had on Buy Black Podcast. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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3 Key Points:

  1. Children need the freedom to explore and express their voices without judgment from adults.
  2. “Black on Black” is not a crime…and it never was…and it never will be.  
  3. Share Your Story!

Voices of Black Business Show Notes

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  • Today’s Voice of Black Business: In Spirit, Power and Truth – Inspiring Stories & Poetry by Stephanie R Bridges
  • [00:04:48] Interview Begins and Stephanie re-introduces herself to the Buy Black Community
  • [00:06:27] Children’s Books Introduction
  • [00:13:39] “If I Were Part of the Animal Kingdom”
  • [00:16:08] YouTube, Free Book Giveaways, and Sponsorships – How Stephanie provides access to her books for people who can’t afford to purchase.
  • [00:27:32] “Keep the Peace” – Compilation of stories & poetry from women aged 6 to 60
  • [00:33:05] Encouraging girls and boys to use their voices…and not trying to control, “correct”, or redirect their perspectives.
  • [00:37:51] “List of Stuff the Allows Me to Stay at Peace” -Malia
  • [00:39:40] Stephanie talks about her upcoming “Keep the Peace” style project focused on helping boys and young men use their voices to speak their truth
  • [00:46:08] In Spirit, Power and Truth…excerpts from Stephanie’s book of adult-oriented poetry about her life’s journey
  • [00:56:00] “Black on Black”
  • [01:02:56] “Right Now”
  • [01:16:11] Stephanie reveals her plans for an upcoming book release that we can expect to find on Amazon in September 2018
  • [01:18:33] “Dandelions – Part 1”
  • [01:22:35] Stephanie and I discuss the Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business Conference that Joylynn M Ross is hosting in September 2018
  • [01:30:41] Stephanie’s number one piece of advice to anyone who has a story inside of them

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this episode of i black podcast is
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black-on-black is no longer a crime it
is companionship relationship marital
black-on-black is royal ethnicity hues
inner core attributes ample breasts afro
outer radiance
black on black cannot be escaped
watered-down nor lamented it is meant to
be embraced black on black was never a
crime nor a grievance
it is dark matters explanation the
universe's reprieve the earth catalyst
black on black is humanity's morning Sun
God yes
Amir thank you will suffice by black
podcast episode 49 in spirit power and
truth inspiring stories and poetry by
Stephanie our bridges
welcome to buy black the only podcast
dedicated to helping you find connect
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we're on a mission to bring consumers
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I'm your host Gerald Jones and if you're
a black business owner or a socially
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right community ready let's get to work
welcome back to black your only podcast
dedicated to helping you find and
connect with black owned businesses this
is episode number 49 we are going to be
here again today with Stephanie our
bridges in last episode you guys heard
we had a great conversation about buying
black supporting the black community
economically and also we talked about
how to get grants for your individual
projects and to support your business
today we're gonna actually be talking to
Stephanie about her work and the books
that she has written and the books that
she's compiled from works of other
people that are available out there both
on Amazon and on her website and so
she's gonna do a select number of
readings from her different works of art
in this episode it was very very fun and
inspiring to record and to listen to her
and you guys are going to have a great
time in the episode today before we jump
into it I just wanted to give you a
quick reminder episode 50 next week
there are huge changes to this program
that have really already hit the streets
if you're paying attention you can
already see the changes out there but
next week we're gonna get together and
we're gonna talk through all the changes
that I've made to the website to the
branding for the show and the way
forward and so I'm really excited about
that I hope you guys are excited too
it's gonna be a great episode but right
now we're here with Stephanie we're
gonna get right into it because this is
going to be powerful and inspiring so
with this episode just sit back relax
enjoy and feel the power of the the work
in the words that Stephanie is putting
out into the universe for for us for
kids and and for our peers and after you
guys listen to everything we talked
about today I sincerely hope that you
will go out you will find Stephanie's
projects her her multiple books for
children her books for young teens her
books for adults and if you don't need
them for you buy them for somebody else
links to all of her books will be in the
show notes for this episode so you don't
have to go far but definitely support
her projects support her books support
this author because she is actively
working to support us in every way that
she can and she's putting out incredible
work that people need to read alright
let's get into the show we are coming
back to back with Stephanie our bridges
last week you guys listened to her and
we talked about supporting black
business we talked about building our
businesses we talked about some of
everything and it was almost like just
sitting here with my sister having fun
and so we came right back so that we
could spend a lot more time talking
about Stephanie's business and her books
and we're gonna dig into some of those
today hey Stephanie thanks for joining
me again thanks so much for having me
again I enjoyed our discussion last time
so much and you know just in the midst
of talking you learned so much and so
many different ideas and things to look
into so I appreciate it oh absolutely
and what we're gonna do today is we're
actually going to dig into a lot of the
material that you have built that's out
in the marketplace and we're gonna have
some conversations and discussions
around your books because we definitely
want to get the messages that you put in
these books for kids for preteens for
teenagers and adults I mean you just
kind of run the gambit of putting out
content that is going to let black
children and young adults and even
adults kind of see themselves and see
their stories in the message and I just
love it so I wanna just
and over you we're gonna we've kind of
got a little flow we're gonna get
through these but you know what you want
to talk about and I want you to talk
about it so so yeah let's get started
wonderful okay so definitely I'm
Stephanie our bridges and I'm a writer a
publisher a spoken word artist and I
just want to share some of the things
that I've been doing all of the books
that I'm going to discuss available on
my website Stephanie our bridges comm
and the first one that I want to talk
about are the children's books so I've
written four children's books and I
think they're great for ages three to
eight but of course you are never too
young and also they're great books for
like older siblings if they have nieces
or nephews or little siblings they can
read to them as well what I have done is
I've written one book about each of my
children so the first book is if I were
a part of the animal kingdom and that is
about my son Khalil and he's always
loved animals we actually have three
dogs in our house because of Khalil and
he loves animals but has never been one
to like being told what to do so his
book is about him believing that you
know what a lot a part of the animal
kingdom I wouldn't have to listen to my
mom and all these rules I could just do
my own thing and then he quickly
realizes that you know animals have
limited patience too so it's not so bad
being a boy the second book is about my
Asha and she's always loved school and
the color blue and she actually just
graduated in May from Howard University
so go Bisons and you know they are
definitely yeah they're definitely blue
congratulations on that yeah I'm so like
I'm so excited for her and she's always
been our reader too so you know when
everybody else is like okay what we're
going to do today something I wanna go
to the library let's go to the library
and also in regards to school I can
remember times when there was like a
blizzard outside and the you know roads
were dangerous and she was just
literally cry like mommy please I want
to go to school trying to get her to
school with me and the other kids would
be like look we want to live go home so
she's always been that girl and that's
what her book is about is her exploring
all the different things he can become
she can be an astronaut a pilot a
horticulturist she can be an activist
and it uses the simile of the color blue
and just her thought processes and the
way she enjoys education and you know
and utilizes it to do what she wants to
with her life the third book is about my
son Jelani and my sons are lining he's
very outgoing he's very personable he's
actually going to be performing today
because you know he raps but he's also
kind of in the middle there so he
growing up he kind of felt like he
wasn't getting the attention that you
know who desired or he needed so he's
kind of like look and you guys aren't
gonna pay attention to me I'm gonna
fight the air so his book is like the
air guy and it just kind of shows how
you know as a young person when you're a
journal journey into life even you know
with your family
there there comes those issues of how do
I fit in and how do I stand out and in
this book you know he realizes that he
definitely loved and he is our superhero
so he is like the air guy okay and then
the mm-hmm and then the final book is
about my youngest daughter her name is
Nandi and everybody dotes on her you
know all her older siblings because
she's the baby but she was like um can
y'all get along with each other so
utilizes music and she gives some
examples of how you know we can all just
get along and she kind of takes on that
role of groove you know of the family
and just it's a book that teaches us
that a sibling you know it even if we
don't start out always on the same page
because there's a age differences and
everything like that it's so important
to come together even in our you know
older ages because you know you become
you know all you have you know once your
parents are gone and everything like
that so a lot of my book definitely
adults relate to they're like oh I'm
this person or I'm that person in the
family so everybody can kind of relate
but the book that I'm going to read from
is if I were part of the animal kingdom
and so I said ages three to eight so if
I were part of the animal kingdom and my
favorite color is blue are probably best
for like the younger ages in that
spectrum and because they're a little
more simplistic they you know use some
repetitive words and different things
like that and then as the books go along
they get a little more more interested
in in the you know story kind of
progressive so those maybe are better
for like older children so also
something that I want to mention about
my book that you know I am African
American writer I am an African American
publisher and I also utilized African
American illustrators so if you purchase
one of my books that's one of the things
that you will see you'll see a picture
of me you'll see a picture of the
illustrator and then they'll also see
themselves as the main character so it's
definitely an opportunity not just to
you know see yourself as the main
character but also view yourself like oh
I can be at office too or yeah I can be
an illustrator I'm a great artist
let me start kind of figuring out these
things now because you know it can be
in 2018 with you know the use of
websites and apps and different things
like that this is something that you can
start doing now and start publishing
your own books as well oh yeah
absolutely and I and I love looking at
the covers even here on your website you
know not only did you use you know you
know black illustrators but you reached
out to four different illustrators for
these different projects it's trying to
support as many people in the community
as possible
and that just ties back to what we
talked about last week I mean you you
are walking the walk in in our aspects
and so yeah I'd love to hear a little
bit of what we've got in one of these
books which one are we going to read
from okay this is if our part of the
animal kingdom alright my name is Khalil
and I love animals
what I hate being told what to do don't
say hey my mom says and it burns me
through and through a viral part of the
animal kingdom I wouldn't have to listen
to rules I'd be free to run wild and be
my own child and here is what I do if I
were a lion I drawer with the rest when
my mom says it's time to come in
I'd rise up nostrils flaring and bang on
my chest
Oh life can't do that if I were gorilla
I bang on my chest when my mom says it's
time to clean up I fly out the house
buzzing and build my own nest
oh the rulers can't do that if I were a
I'd build my own nest when my bomb says
it's time to eat I'd stick out my tongue
hissing and hunt my own pest Oh Hornet
can't do that so that is that book it
kind of goes through him you know
exploring what he would do if he was
like animals and how he'd be free and
his own person and then he realizes you
know animals definitely have limitations
but as a boy he can kind of explore and
pretend and use his imagination to do
all those things and be all those things
yeah yeah I love it that I think every
every household that has multiple kids
probably has one of those you know I've
got four kids myself and I was listening
that's definitely my youngest daughter
like that's she is imagination nation
just I'll come home I'm working and
she's got either school going on over
here with the dolls or she's an animal
and this is the ocean and they've got it
it is exactly that yeah definitely
perfect perfect so yeah so you have to
get the books I can actually sign them
for you out to get some books out to the
children and one thing I want to talk
about in regards to the children's books
now leave that this is for all the books
definitely but specifically for the
children's books one of the things that
I try to do is provide access so
something in a community that oftentimes
we don't have is access to certain
resources whether they be for
educational for you know educational
reasons or for entertainment and you
know as a single mother of four children
I often found myself in that situation
so all of my children's books are
available on YouTube you can go to my
website or you can go to my youtube
Stephanie our bridges or Stephanie our
bridges kaanum and that way you can you
know watch the book in their entirety
and it's something for you know children
to view you know if you're busy if
you're doing something it's something a
little different than just you know
television of video games because it
actually speaks to them their story and
and who they are so definitely take you
know take advantage of that that's why I
put them up there because I want us to
have access
and then the other thing that I try to
do is Brooke giveaways so this year I
actually had the opportunity to do two
one was very small kind of like last
minute but the second one I actually got
to partner with our I'm in Columbus Ohio
with our recreational park centers and
they do an annual event and for this
book giveaway I was actually able to do
giveaway 100 books to all of the
children that came out I had my sister
there and my daughter's there and it was
you know it was exciting it meant a lot
for me it's something that I've been
wanting to you and the way that I was
able to do it is actually the community
so you know I kind of went on Facebook I
asked friends and family and people
donated so that we can do this book
giveaway now the other thing that I work
on is getting sponsorships from bank so
coming up I did get a bank sponsorship
and I'm going to say from West Bank oh
because I reached out to a lot of banks
including the bank that I Bank at in
West Bank Oh was the only one who was
like yeah we're on board
there was another Bank that said they
were but you know wasn't really their
fault like some dates got changed and
then they kind of backed out but I just
want to say that so if you have a West
Bengal in your area or a banks in your
area go to them and ask them for
sponsorships and for different things
and see what they say and then that way
you're able to see who is working with
small businesses who is interested in
building with the black community and
who is just interested you know in our
dollars now of course you know just
because they might say no to a small
business or a black business that
doesn't mean they're not giving back in
other ways but it's important to find
out that information so they actually
did a 100 book sponsorship 4000 dollars
and we're going to do that at the
largest Head Start Center is
as a group of centers but we're going to
do that for child development council
this month and so that'll be my second
big giveaway of a hundred books to the
children and families that come through
so that's one of the things that I want
to mention if you're interested in doing
a book giveaway in your city and your
I'm so open I'm so hyped I would love
love love to come out so basically a $10
per book which would be like a hundred
books it's four thousand dollars and
then you know if you're outside of the
city outside of the state it there would
be the travel cost as well but I'm a
peek I'm gonna go back a little bit
because I want to be 100% clear so what
I did is I am a for-profit individual in
business like I have my LLC but I you
know it's me I'm doing things so when I
go to bank I always tell them about the
organizations that I'm partnering with
so I build those relationships you know
first so I you know like I mentioned
Columbus Recreation and Parks the Child
Development Council of Franklin County
different local schools different
nonprofits different organizations so
when the bank says okay so you're you
want me to give you $1,000 you know for
what it's more so okay we're going to we
have this opportunity to be a part of
this annual event that recreation of
Columbus recreational park does or this
Family Literacy event that the Child
Development Council does so that kind of
you know help this situation as far as
the bank you know giving dollars so I
you know I definitely I definitely want
to mention that but yeah so you know if
you're interested or you know if you're
interested finding out more information
in regards to that let me provide my
email address is s bridges zero two at and that's s bridges
at awesome you know so that is
a really really cool concept the the
idea of I'm gonna go to a bank I'm
basically going to say hey I want you to
buy a hundred of my books as well and
then they buy a hundred of your books
you give those books away but you're
still as the business owner you are
you're making the profit that you would
make off of of those books and you're
giving them away to the community or if
you if you you know if you price them to
where there's no profit and you're
breaking even is still your your as a
business going to a target customer who
is making a donation to the community
through you I think that's a really
really cool kind of marketing model and
it helps it helps the community it helps
it helps kids oh I like that a lot
yes thank you so much for saying that
and I can I plan to continue moving
forward that not only it so it's kind of
like twofold so the organizations that
you know I reach out to they have
budgets to but you know for the most
part I'm saying okay I'm going to you
know build the money I'm going to get
the money now with Recreation and Parks
for next year you know they have a
number of different annual event so I'm
going to work towards them utilizing
some of their budget as well you know so
so it's kind of like if things go well
and you know the kids and the families
love it and they're like oh we want to
do this again okay well okay so this
time can you you know put some skin in
the game as well so and then the other
part of that is like once you do
something and you have your picture out
there I need to I need to add this to my
blog as well and you know you think the
bank and different things like that if
other banks can see that you know or you
send them the pictures and this is what
happening this is what we do then other
banks will start to see that and they'll
be like okay well we'll do it so
sometimes you know they want to
see it in action before they actually
say yes say yes absolutely
um let's I want to back up real quick I
want to ask you a question you're you're
free books the audio book that you have
out on YouTube now do you know the
narrating on the YouTube videos yes that
is my voice I love it I love it because
so as I was listening to you read from
if I were part of the animal kingdom I
was like oh it's very obvious that she's
definitely a spoken word poet like the
the way that you read your story is
engaging in and of itself so I think
that's a huge value that you're putting
out there allowing parents and kids and
families to to access the story and
access it read the way that it's meant
to be read directly from you right there
on the internet I love that
Oh wonderful thank you so much for
saying that it's plenty a lot of people
say oh you know you sound like my
Angelou which is amazing which is so
honorable and like like what
but then my daughter is always like why
do you talk like that whenever I read a
poem she's like why do you why do you do
that you can't please you can so like
like the rest of the world will be
telling you how great you are your kid's
gonna look at you like why why are using
that voice like that's not even so yeah
definitely yeah and I mean and when
you're an artist you know you have to
learn how to you know be engaging and be
a performer we talked a little bit about
that I mean a little bit about being in
social settings you know like when
you're an introvert and so a lot of it
is you know performance and you have to
really you know get out there and you
know just make things happen
so I enjoy it I enjoy it that's really
so one last thing before we go into the
next segment would keep the peace but as
we're talking about you know your your
daughter's reaction my first thought in
my head is if my son my oldest son is
about to be 17 and if we did that my
reaction would be to start using that
voice just in everyday talk whenever I
was talking to him like that would just
be that would be my thing because I just
that's I like bugging them it's like oh
and guess what first thing in the
morning I'm using this voice whenever I
talk to you I want to see your eyes roll
50 times right exactly
that's hilarious yeah and she's the one
who actually usually will go out with me
like my oldest daughter will - she was
gone for a while you know and but my
youngest daughter you don't still go out
with me and you know help me when I'm
bending or doing different events and
things like that so she's a lot of help
but she's I she's also my assistant i
Roller so if anything goes wrong you
know like I got lipstick on my teeth I
didn't you know hate on the right color
bag or something like that you know to
roll our eyes and I'm like can you
communicate so so what's next arted off
with the case books and and so now we're
moving on up the line what do we have
next right so the next book is keep the
peace and this is a compilation so I
worked with young ladies from the ages
of six to sixty and everybody shared
their picture they shared a painting
that they did a short bio and then they
also shared some information about you
know how they get along with others so
some of them told stories about a time
when they were bullied or maybe they saw
someone else bully some of them did poem
some of them just wrote a list of things
that help them to remain centered and at
peace so this is an excellent book for
like middle school I would say for
middle school students or even maybe
like elementary like fourth fifth grade
this will be great for
great as well and there's actually
activities in the back of the book like
there's some pages where you can color
there's a maze and it also has a cop
another book a journal so there's a book
itself and then there's a journal so
that when the hero young person is
reading the book they can write down
their own thoughts as well so they're
really a part of you know doing exactly
what it was that the other young lady
said who contributed to the book and
that just goes back to being a writer
being an author sharing your voice you
know for young ladies especially it is
documented that we we lose our voices at
a certain age and don't regain them
until we're older so around that middle
school high school aids a lot of young
ladies they don't they don't have their
voice so and I was like that too like
you know I didn't speak I didn't say
anything and it took me a long time to
regain my voice and start to utilize
that but wouldn't it be wonderful if you
know we could get our young lady's
transition through that process without
actually losing their voices and knowing
that they are so important and I don't I
don't know what exactly it is but I
don't know if there's so much focus on
like the outer aesthetic oh you know
young lady that they feel like you know
their words and what they have this to
say art of important i but you know this
book can be utilized as a tool to kind
of help through that process and here so
the first time I'm actually going to
read it's kind of about that losing
losing their voice so okay so this is
actually my daughter Asha bridges poem
she's the one who graduated from Howard
and her poem is unknown author
my name is lost between your thoughts
and your mouth
somewhere jumbled up in all of your
labels my name does not matter you
already have an idea of me a name for me
I've already been placed in a cardboard
box marked with permanent letters and
that is all of me
but it is hard to breathe here hard to
be free here boxed in
I am boxed in making myself small enough
to fit your narrative small enough not
to be seen or heard - small small enough
to not recognize Who I am small enough
to believe that I am not enough but I am
done being small I am more than enough
in my name my name is free yes you she's
a brilliant writer as well so that's I I
heard I'm a no no it's say that that's
that's the story right that's that's
kind of the story of being a woman of
color mm-hmm yes it definitely speaks to
that because we have lots of labels that
we carry everywhere we go and it can
definitely be a burden a burden and it's
definitely either we're put in a box and
it's like up to us daily like or we just
want to keep it pushing and let people
believe and think what they want to
believe and think or we want to fight
and be open and use our voice and say no
this is the real me but it's like who
wants to do that daily you know what I
he's exhausted morning noon and night
yes yes it's exhausting so but I but I
love that you know when you talk about
the target demographic for this book
right like just that one poem hmm I you
see a girl like my my oldest daughter
she's nine she's gonna be 10 next month
and she loves writing she she loved
writing she loves sewing she loves
crocheting she loves creating she just
does that oh she writes you know she
writes her own book she does all these
different things and she journals she
does all those but you know because of
kind of the way that that my wife runs
the house the kids are just they are
encouraged to express their voice my
creativity and all these things but you
know we worry going into this stage
where life is changing and boys are
gonna be changing and the cow lighting
between girls is gonna be changing and
and how how she's gonna react going
through that because she's a very
sensitive person and I can just kind of
see a a book like this where you know
young girls can go and they can just
read and see I'm not the only one who's
feeling this I'm not the only person
who's going through this there's power
inside of me I feel the same power that
I'm hearing in these words I think
that's it's a great tool to help them
not lose their voice and get lost in
feeling I'm just here in this box alone
yeah thank you so much for saying that I
think it is it's so important and that's
one of the things that I did like I
working with the young ladies you know
they would write something and you know
I was like okay wait a minute
you know I'm an author you know I have a
degree in English how am I gonna put
this in a in a book you know how am I
going to tweak it you know make it fit
and then it came to me like what why you
know allow them to utilize their voice
and say what it is that's on that heart
you know that's definitely there are
some editing you know
there to make it more accessible and
understandable but I really wanted the
young people to have freedom to say what
it is that they want to say and not and
try to make it fit my narrative because
I think that's something that we try to
do as adults we add well how do you feel
about it and then when they say how they
feel we try to change that feeling to
kind of fit a little more better with
the way we want them to feel but it's so
important that when we say oh use your
voice you know like you know like your
wife and your family is doing that we
allow them to use their voice good bad
ugly it's not always going to be you
know pretty and constructive all the
time but they need the opportunity to
work through that and you'll find that
in this book as well you know some of
the things that were written it's kind
of like what happened but but you know
it is what it is and it's important well
and I and I like that we are were coming
to a place where we're evolving past
that um that lack parenting of the last
generation where you know children are
to be seen not heard and because I said
so and all these things and you know
where we are recognizing that these are
these are developing human beings who
need to make mistakes they need to be
able to work through the thought
processes of their problems they need to
be able to ask why and understand what's
going on around them and and to question
their world you know that black children
have to be given permission to well let
me take that back I didn't mean that
we need to stop thinking that it is on
us to give or take away permission for
black children to question and explore
their world they're human beings like
every other person and and when they
come here it is their right and
responsibility to explore their world
and we as parents have to get out of
their way yeah I think this is a really
really good
project I'm looking for the word for it
but this is a this is masterful and then
to to have that those poems and then to
feel something reading that and then to
say I need to get something out of me my
journals right here next to me like the
way that you roll together is it's
incredible I think it's incredibly
powerful for for young girls in age yes
thank you so much okay definitely so
let's take a look I want to share one
other one now this is a young lady I
think she's probably like fourth or
fifth grade her name is Malia Jackson
and she wrote a list and this is a list
of stuff that helps you remain at peace
exercising racing swinging on a swing
dancing sleeping jumping heading to
doing art being in a competition
watching YouTube stretching flipping
doing a handstand doing a back then
humming walking in circles so that was
headless very nice very nice yeah it's
just her truth that's just a capture of
her truth of happiness yes definitely
and it you know how it feeds to using
that energy so sometimes when we're not
at peace and we're ill at ease you know
we have all of that energy within us and
if you know we're able to do something
physically you know that can help our
mental and our emotional state as well
and so that's an important message not
just for youth before adults because you
they know they want to go outside they
know they want to run they know they
want to you know you know do different
things to keep themselves active whether
it be dance or you know listen to their
favorite song but as adults sometimes we
don't understand you know why we're so
stressed out and you know why you know
we can't sleep but if we would do some
of those things like you know exercising
and running and doing a backbend and
being in competition you know that would
help put our mind at
that my headquarter no it's very very
clear that keep the peace and to keep
the peace Journal are are focused on you
know young ladies on girls the the cover
art shows that the stories that are
inside you know um well you got what do
you got coming out for the boys yes
definitely so it is on my heart every
time you know when I'm at an event and
I'm explaining my book I just tugs at me
because I definitely I have to have
something for young men so basically
what I'm gonna do I'm gonna work I I
started this book at a school called a
plus Arts Academy so I'm gonna either
work with them or another school to you
know be like the basis of it because I
you know I want that to definitely be
the start but the young men who are in
elementary middle school age to be the
foundation for that and then kind of
grow out from there to get the other
contributors but for this project I
definitely want to take a more hands-off
approach I'll still be the editor with
the book but I won't contribute a
writing sample and I'm going to try to
not be as present because I want the
young men to feel comfortable and kind
of discussing things so the wait so to
give you a little better idea of how we
did this with the young ladies I first
met with them in the classroom so you
know was just myself in the young ladies
and then we did like a workshop so it
was myself another woman
Cindy Price who has a wonderful
organization and we came together with
the young ladies so I want the young men
to have that same thing where you know
like that it's not all young men and
then me as a woman saying well how do
you feel about this and what do you feel
about you know I want definitely the
young men to have their own space and
their own freedom to share and you know
to write what is on their hearts and on
their minds we
keeping the peace front for them I mean
I don't want to say it's more important
but it's definitely as important and I
know it's a whole nother ballgame just
like you know we talked about the young
lady losing their voice and everything
like that you know when that young men
definitely have a hyper masculinity you
know saying that comes into play where
you know you have to be a beast out here
in the streets you know in the hallways
just know in daily life so yeah we're
we're taught that we are not allowed to
emote and woo to feel emotion or to
express emotion is not manly or to to
feel pain right or to feel empathy for
other people I think all of that all
that what we call toxic masculinity
that's another one of those things where
you know we should be evolving past this
right we should we should be getting to
a point especially in the black
community where we we let go of those
limiting beliefs of what it means to be
a man because it it not only hurts us
but it continues to put us in a
situation where we're hurting women
we're hurting people who are in the
LGBTQ community we we exclude everybody
from being a whole human being because
we we are we grow up with this thought
process that to be a human being means
to be a masculine type male and
everybody else is somehow lesser than
that because they emote or they want
something different in life than what
we're told is right or anything anything
that that is not hegemonic masculinity
so I don't I don't know what that books
gonna look like I'm guessing you
probably don't know what it's gonna look
like either but I would be very curious
to find out what happens when you
put a group of young men together and
just kind of give them license and
encouragement to just express what they
feel mm-hmm
and I'm so glad that you just said that
because that's just prime example of how
in that space you know as much as I want
to emphasize I can't be a man I like
like I couldn't say that or have that
knowledge that you have or have the
experience that you have you know of
living what it is to be a you know a man
a male in this society in this world so
I it is so important that they have you
know someone there who's able to to not
only give them that license that freedom
to share but also understand that you
know it has been taken away like you
know and it it is it's also the idea
because you have to think a lot of
people don't consider themselves writers
so you have that hurdle for this just to
get them you know to write something but
then you have the hurdle of okay I'm
gonna write this and my peers might see
it you know people are actually gonna
see it and read it you know I think
that's something that all writers go
through because you realize and
recognize that everything we put down on
paper people are not going to like you
know oftentimes the people who are
closest to us or sometimes we're sharing
information that I would just never you
know you could call me we can have you
know we could talk all day I'm not going
to tell you certain things but I might
write about those things so you might
find them you know in my book or
something like that so I just you know
you just saying that just you know just
gave me more more clarity on why it's so
important that you know there's men
there young men there like yourself
relief you know help the book come to
fruition yep absolutely
so where are we going next
we we have kind of moved up from the
children's book to the kind of middle
book number ladies but you know young
teenagers you know adolescent look so
where are we going next where we going
on this journey okay we are definitely
going to jump to adult and the reason
why we're going to jump to a doll I do
have another book that we're kind of in
between but these are the books that are
available now so all of these books that
I that we've discussed so far and this
next one that I'm going to talk about
are all available now now again this is
a book for adults it is a book of poetry
and this is more so about my journey so
I'm a recovering addict you know I'm a
single mother I've been arrested a
number of times
and it just you know it shares that
world that process and it you know it's
pretty raw now I would say that it it's
okay if that young person you know that
teenager or what-have-you
is a person who kind of live in that
same lifestyle so if there's you know
someone in your life or in your family
and definitely read the book first
before giving it to a young person
someone in your life in your family who
is you know promiscuous or someone who
is on drugs or an alcoholic or you know
having run-ins with the law
I do have an opportunity to work with
some young ladies who were incarcerated
and you know they were underage but you
know it was it was a good book for them
and then they shared some of their poems
and some of their art I mean and their
I mean you talk about a journey you talk
about deep you know each and the thing
the biggest thing that I came out of
that you know I've been hearing some of
their stories and some of their writing
and some of their art is that one of the
most important things that we can do as
adults is give children freedom to be
children to give them access to the
children one of the things that you know
I tried to do as as a parent of young
children I would all make mistakes I
mean there's so many things I didn't do
but one of the things I tried to do was
to not put my children in adult spaces
so oftentimes we feel like by doing that
we have to limit our children's behavior
our children's access but really as a
parent you have to limit your behavior
your access so yeah you might want to
listen to that song on the radio but
does your child need to hear that song
on the radio you know you might want to
drink or get high or smoke cigarettes
but there's your child need to see you
doing those things you might want to see
somebody or have company but does your
you know is that something you want to
put in front of your child so as a
parent you have to to say you know what
I have to curtail some of my behaviors
because I want to give my child
freedom access to be a child you know
from the television shows that you watch
you know and oh well I'm not even gonna
go there but you know from the music you
listen to from the shows you watch you
know to the people you have older over
you know sometimes you really have to
put limitations on that and we have to
give our children face face to be
children and that doesn't even go into
the whole predator state because those
things I'm just talking about or just
you know daily life where you know okay
we're living our lives and you know I
know I told you you know what I mean
it's kind of that do as I say not as I
do kind of thing but then you have the
whole situation of the whole predator
state where um you know you have people
on our youth so so definitely this book
is excellent excellent for adults anyone
who loves poetry and maybe any young
person who is growing some through some
of the things that I went through and
all of the poems are accompanied with
Scripture as well so this book
definitely has that religious aspect to
it so you know if you're someone who you
know maybe you're not religious or not a
Christian but you know there's some
Bible verses there sometimes you know
just reading through the Bible and
believe me I've done it it's like it's a
process but then I you know then I went
back and kind of research thanks for for
the book as well but this makes things a
little more accessible where you know
you can kind of put some meaning to it
and the thing that's key to understand I
think you know specifically about this
book and about its connection with the
Bible and Christianity is that any and
everything that you've done or thought
about doing it's already been done so
it's not a situation of okay well you
know follow the Scriptures so that you
know you know that you have sinned it's
more of you know follow the scripture so
you know that this is this is humanity
this is human these things that we do
these things that we go through are
human and that's the experience that
we're having so we are spiritual beings
so we're having a very human experience
and once you can kind of come to terms
with that and embrace your humanity and
say and you know step back and say oh
you're doing a good job you're doing a
good job hang in there you know what I
you can you can understand that you're
having a whole experience so well
it's almost like the adult version of
the Keith the Peace Journal of you as
you're reading that as a young young
woman you're realizing that you're not
alone other people have gone through the
same things that you're going through
and so you can continue going forward
and and I think what you're describing
is almost the adult version of that
walking into your life and you're
looking into the scriptures and you're
realizing I'm not reinventing this thing
someone else has gone down this road
before me and there's also a roadmap for
how to get out of it already improve I
think it's it's accomplishing the same
thing right right definitely in this
book is a good it's about my journey you
know I am a woman but this one is good
for you know young men as well anyone
who enjoys poetry or wants to gain more
insight just into their kind of journey
whether they're dealing with alcoholism
or addiction or you know promise did
just little things that we deal with as
humans that it and especially as my
generation and older try to act like we
never did none of that stuff you know
what I mean like we get so far doing it
when we when it comes to talking about
young people and you know what they're
doing and all we can't believe you know
the way they're dressing and the things
that they're saying and you know and
been there done that we did the same
thing you know it's not on social media
so we have an opportunity to kind of you
know pretend that it didn't happen but
go to a family reunion or asking
recently like I'm not going to tell my
age but uh my mother who is in her 70s I
was asking her she goes to a family
reunion on her mother's side so it's the
gayest family reunion polish and I said
the name but then if there's some
gayness is who lives here in the city so
I was like oh well you know well the
game since I live here in the city will
they be at the you know family reunion
because I think in the way
they're connected if she went to the
family reunion she was like oh they live
in Columbus or she saw them and they and
she was like oh no no those are two
separate families and I'm like what she
was like yeah I think my grandfather had
like two separate families so there's
one gayness of Florida and then these
are different ones I've obviously said
the name sorry but that but that's ramp
it I mean like that's that you know what
I mean it's nothing new we we just
pretend all day but you know everybody
has those family stories that you know
you meet their cousin or you meet your
siblings you know when you're 35 so so
what are we gonna get from and what's
the name of is an ice I spat like that a
is that acronym yes it is an acronym so
it's ice pad and it's in spirit power
and truth um poems inspired by God's
grace and mercy okay yes so the first
poem that I'm going to read is black on
black black on black is no longer a
crime it is companionship relationship
marital bliss black on black is royal
ethnicity hues inner core attributes
ample breasts afro outer radiance
black on black cannot be escaped watered
down nor lamented it is meant to be
embraced black on black was never a
crime nor a grievance
it is Dark Matters explanation the
universe's reprieve the earth catalyst
black on black its humanity morning Sun
God yeah I'm here thank you will suffice
Wow I love that
I love it what can you can you tell me a
little bit about kind of the inspiration
for that poem definitely we hear so much
on you know the news and different
things about you know black on black and
I won't even say the word that comes
next but it's just it is definitely a
way to sabotage us as community as a
community even to say something like
that you know if there's no white on
white crime or Asian or Asian crime or
you know any other you know any other
moniker in that format why in the world
would we accept that for ourselves so
even to use that those terms together
makes our body's criminality so not only
do other people see you know when they
see black bodies as criminal bodies we
see that in and of ourselves and it's
something that you know we freely say
and you know freely use as it is as like
it's some scientific you know research
saying that it's really out there when
it is just something you know made up to
you know continue to put us you know in
prison and you know in the grave and not
in not even you know have a second
thought about it absolutely well I don't
think that we collectively realize how
so many of the things that we accept
about ourselves or so many of the terms
that we allow to be used to talk about
us are things that were literally
created purposefully for political gain
in order to paint us in a certain way so
that people could take a certain action
against us and not feel it say that yes
so if we if we learn where these things
come from and we and we understand this
is propaganda you know that that
propaganda intended to to dehumanize us
because once something is no longer
it is it
it's not a crime to kill a nonhuman
right right now obviously there is but
you know when you when it's something
that people care about like a dog right
but we care about dogs more than they
care about us right
and so when you de humanize people by
doing things like callin you know a
person a thug or saying oh look it they
don't even care about themselves look at
what themselves and it's it's purposeful
and it and it's not just us and that's
the thing that I think is really
important if we pay attention to how
groups are talked about that we're able
to hate and look down on you know you
know I've been in the military for 18
years right and and so that's pretty
much the entire my entire career pretty
much has been after 9/11 and you you
hear quote-unquote smart people talking
about how do we fix the problem in the
Middle East the first thing somebody
says is well they've been killing each
other for thousands of years we're never
gonna change that they just kill each
other so why should we care about
killing them it's right that same
mentality is what's used to justify
dehumanization and this is these are not
people so don't care about them so so it
sounds like what you're doing here is
you're you're taking you're taking that
black-on-black back because it's black
people interact with black people in so
many ways that have nothing to do with
harming each other we uplift each other
we we support each other we love each
it sounds like that's that's the story
the narrative day that you're taking
back right and that's the other part of
it is that so many people okay so since
we've been you know given this funky
information and been brainwashed in this
matter you know we don't want to do
anything black on black like we
you know we're looking for someone
non-black to form relationships with
we're looking for someone not black you
know to have children with we're looking
for someone not a black to live around
and to build our homes you know you know
in our communities because now we're
kind of you know ingested that you know
the poison and so you know so that's it
you know the other thing you did like
you did it celebrating that blackness
that like we don't understand the wealth
who we are just in being and other
people do you know when it comes to you
know the melanin in our skin when it
comes to the relationship of us with the
earth in the universe I mean we don't we
don't get it we don't understand and so
we try to cut it we try to slice it you
know we try to mix it with something
else when all we're doing is getting rid
of the richness you know the beauty of
who we are so I love it I love it so
have you got another one from from in
spirit power and truth yes yes
definitely so this one is entitled right
now and foremost I am black
so inexplicably I was overtaken by
becoming a woman
finally Christian became my name to
claim right now right now I'm a spirit
free of label I am no longer a disabled
victim I am a child of the Most High God
there is no limit in him and he put no
limit in me you can chain me beat me
hate me I'm still free to love you you
can delegate my right dominate my might
dictate my height I'm still free to
submit you can chastise
my church burned my Bible who defy my
Christ I am still free to believe rising
above what I have become
ascending to what I will be there is no
master no man no man that kind of
imprisoned me right now
right now Wow
can I ask a quick question yes
what is the scripture that is a
companion to that home okay definitely
let me find that one okay so let me say
that for the black-on-black that was one
of my most recent poems and there right
now was from so this book has been
published twice so right now we're from
the original so that's I'm kind of I'm
able to recite it without reading
because my memory is changed so let me
find it's not the same as it was what so
let me find it in here for you
so right now so there's two scriptures
with each poem and then I'll read the
one that okay so Galatians 5:1 stand
fast therefore in the Liberty by which
Christ has made us free and do not be
entangled again with the yoke of bondage
so what I do is I have one scripture
underneath the title so it says right
first Peter verse 2 15 through 17 so
that one you would look up in the Bible
and then at the bottom after the poem is
over Galatians 5:1 and that one is
written out for you to read okay I love
it that's a powerful platform is a
powerful construct to to put into your
book and I love that I love that
poem so I'm asked the same question
where's the inspiration for for that one
you said that one's from your original
publication so well I guess you were in
a different place than you are now when
you wrote that one so what was the
inspiration mm-hmm yes definitely
that's an important part you know of
growth as a human being in our art as
well so I'm in a much different space
but at that time when I originally wrote
that I don't think I recognized all of
what I was saying but now I kind of
recognize it a little bit more it's just
that situation of you know our us being
spirit you know 100% spirit and also
having that human experience so that
human experience is what you know has us
in that bondage where you know as you
know black people there's you know a
certain bondage as women there's a
certain bondage as you know any
religious group it doesn't have to be
Christian it could be Muslim it could be
Hindu there's a certain bondage there's
a certain stigma there's a certain cross
that you must bear something that you
know you carry with that but with God
you know he's all serious he's like
remember you're all spirit you're all
spirit so just because I'm someone
treats you in a certain manner you know
you don't you have to treat them to same
the same way and it and I think in in a
sense yes and I think okay so let me say
two things about this like in terms of
hate okay so we realize and recognize
that that we're hated and if you kind of
step back and try to understand well why
we hate it so much if the dominant
society you know has you know the
they hold the power why the disdain for
us so when you started to recognize oh
my goodness there must be something that
we had there must be something that they
realized and that they recognized about
us that they continue to have this
disdain for us but as the original
people as the original man in the
original woman we are the parents to
everyone so it's very difficult for us
to turn around and give that hate back
so I think that's sometimes why you you
know the the police will you know shoot
a black person and then the first thing
to do to do the family will come out and
say they forgive oh I forgive mr. Johnny
you know I'm saying so we you know we
come out and say we forgive because we
don't realize and recognize that comes
from us being the original people need
creators okay so we have that closest
relationship you know with fear what
universe however you know however you
want to say it so it's just like having
children even if your children your
children does something horrible and
they go to prison it's very difficult
for you to you know hate your child you
might separate yourself you might
understand what it is that they've done
and why they have to be punished or you
know what's going on but it's very
difficult to turn around and have that
same disdain that same hate that people
feel towards us so that's one part of
the poem I you know I'm still free to
love you but the other thing that we
have to realize and recognize yeah I can
love you but I don't have to invite you
in my house because I know you're going
to steal from me this historic I mean
there hasn't been a time when you have
it and it doesn't matter if it's an
you know if it's my if it's my child it
doesn't matter what or who it is you
know you are a taker so I can definitely
you know keep you
at bay keep a distance and I don't have
to in you know invite you in and you
know play this game of old I just get
the right education if I just speak
right if I just marry the right person
and get the right oh they're gonna love
me then no they're not because there's
not the same relationship that they have
towards to us that we have towards them
they realize and recognize that we are
the original so then so they carry that
Envy state that is in their heart it's
not going to go away and in this
situation with and I'll speak to that I
want to speak for the religious part but
just as far as relationship is concerned
so my thoughts on that so I kind of feel
like when you're in a relationship with
someone that is sort of like having an
item so you have it house you have your
car you have this human being now that
doesn't say that being that the human
being has the value or you know such a
car of course the human being is just as
important or more important than you are
because you know you are both human
being but I feel like it is the best and
the most important of all the items or
merchandise or things that you could own
is another another human being being in
that relationship so if you weren't in
it so and so when I say that from a
woman's perspective there's a lot that
women go through as far as you know
moving up in society as far as jobs are
concerned as far as being treated well
you know within the household I think
we're kind of in a situation now where
the expectation is you know the woman
will you know take care of the children
she'll cook she'll clean but she'll also
go out to work okay
so you hold down that same job you know
you have to have that same good credit
score oh you have to look good so make
sure your hair your nails you know your
toes are done so we got all these balls
we're juggling up in the air I think
it's kind of changing where men are kind
of realized and recognizing that oh ok
so there needs to be a more a little
more balance here as far as a household
situation is concerned so if my
expectation is that my wife you know
work a nine-to-five and I work a
nine-to-five well then I need to do just
as much you know within the household if
my expectation is you know at all time
she has to be a dime you know well then
I need to try to you know hold up my end
of the bargain as well you know in that
aspect so I think things are kind of
changing but right now it's definitely
very lopsided so in my poem I'm saying
that you know you you can still do all
these things and say all these things
I'm still free to submit I'm still free
to be in this relationship I'm still
free to say yes you know my love husband
you know whoever I will do these things
for you I do have that freedom there but
I also think it's very important for
women to know that just and just like
you won't die if you don't have a house
just like you won't die you don't have a
car you will not perish if you are not
in a relationship and I think that's a
societal Costra that we believe that we
have to be in relationship and I think a
lot of women don't fulfill with their
what they're here on this earth to do
and accomplish and be because they
always want to play that second fiddle
they think their highest height is the
man you know that they go to bed with at
night like look look who my husband is
you know what I mean and that's there
you know we grow up with that dream Oh
Who am I going to marry is there going
to be a baller you know that type of
but so you know the poem is both of
those things you know I'm free to submit
but relationships doesn't have to be
for everyone and it is is just like you
know I'm single kind of like you know a
relationship that you would have with
you know anything else but I guess I
agree it's the best one it's the heart
it's the hardest one to maintain it's a
you know a lot of work and I feel like
it's definitely worth it but it's not
the end-all be-all and don't let people
tell you that somehow you're missing
something you know in your life if you
don't have that self a significant other
that makes sense
I get it that makes sense I love it well
I I think that that now I'm having a
hard time calling it Ispat because now I
know it's in spirit power and truth so I
think in spirit power and truth as a
book I think that's just it's incredibly
powerful thing I feel like there's
probably a lot of people listening the
audience who are going to be clamoring
to get that book and and speaking of
books that people are gonna be clamoring
to get it seems like there may be
something that's coming on the near
horizon that you wanted to talk about as
well yes I am working on my 8th
publication so it is that the story of
my life and this is a book of short
stories will be between 20 and 30 short
stories and then also some poems as well
and it will be available for pre-order
in the month of August so coming up here
soon so definitely continue to check
back to my website or you can go to
Amazon go to and search
Stephanie our bridges so definitely use
my middle initial or and all of my books
will come up and it will be available
for pre-order the month of August
definitely and hopefully by the office
the 15th and then they'll be it will
released sent out to you if you
pre-order or no you can order it on
September the first and I will
definitely have that book available in
eBook and paperback the children's books
are also available in eBook format now
as well so if you want to go on Amazon
you can you don't get that and either
format did you have a reading from
that's the story of my life that you
wanted to share today just to kind of
give people a little teaser yes
definitely so I'll do one now this is
this story is called dandelion house and
it's kind of like a triptych where you
know there's three parts to artist
rendering well there's three separate
you know parts to this story so they
kind of even have like different voices
and you know different stages but I'm
going to read the first portion of the
three part and this is from dandelion
house from that or in my life mm-hmm
dandelions are a child's first flower
abundant brilliant sunshine sprouting
past the earth you can't catch me you
can't catch me they chat and unison like
the children who picked them one by one
dandelions make up a mother's first
spring bouquet as both mother and child
the light in the wonder of God's
creation and first love mommy this is
for you as the years go by and the heads
of dandelions get popped off and
childhood rituals that mimic maternity
and child birth somewhere in the midst
of all the magic the secret is shared
but not in a whisper like any
respectable secret is told
no nothing hushed or considerate about
its spread
stop picking those things there we weak
now they no longer convey sunshine
spring or new birth the white whiskey
wishes so fun to blow through the air
have turned into poisoned truth but how
do you tell a dandelion a little black
girl birth special by mother earth
herself to stop emerging stop dancing
with breezy blue skies stop being easy
on sunny summer day
quit playing laughing enjoying life you
a weed unwanted with poisoned seed nah
the dandelion just gonna keep growing
until you forced to pick it up and see
the butter reflected on your chin so
that's the first part of that that's
powerful that's powerful that's painful
- yeah yeah it is it's definitely it's
definitely heartache you know what I
mean it is really that absolutely that
so now I'm looking forward to that book
that just sounds like I want to hear
more of that story I want to I want to
see where that's going a really good job
making people want to read stuff the
books and and that's the other key part
about writing is that someone else will
read the books and they'll be like also
yeah you meant this and that the other
and you're thinking like oh that's
better than what I was thinking you know
what I mean so everybody has their own
relationship you know with a story with
a poem their own understanding was to be
more it could be deeper or more
metaphorical than what their the writer
even had
mine so definitely get the books I love
feedback and one of the things that is
needed and necessary in my situation but
lots of independent authors and
publishers are reviewed so please please
please if you pick up one of the books
definitely do a review on Amazon because
when people see those in an honest
review when people see those they're
like okay so people are buying this book
you know kind of like that stamp of
approval nobody wants to be the first
one or the only one but if they see more
reviews in regards to the pieces they'll
be more apt to get them themselves
absolutely and and as we wrap this up we
we have to come back full circle to you
know the fact that one as an author you
you're already very very accomplished I
mean everything that you share with us
today is I mean that's it's material
that I'm going to buy and I want to put
it in front of my kids and my family
because it's just that good but even in
that you're going later on this year to
the act like an author think like a
business conference with joylynn and
Ross and and going to even take those
next steps to kind of develop and take
your business a little bit further so we
didn't have the context last episode
when we talked about this but now kind
of hearing where you are as an author
and and the the material that you have
both published and on the way what I
want to know now kind of what it is that
you plan on getting out of the
conference and kind of where what are
your next steps what are we gonna see
coming from Stephanie bridges coming out
of the act like an author think like a
business conference definitely
definitely so before I even start I want
everybody to go to pass to publishing
calm and that's path taeo
publishing dot-com and then if you click
on the conference's event you'll see
that act like an office think like a
business 20:18 conference and
Vegas September 20th through the 22nd so
definitely take a look there and there's
also you know a wealth of information on
this platform and this is joylyn M Roth
who is a very accomplished author agent
she's been published by major publishing
houses she self-published she's an
editor she just knows the book business
so well and that's the thing I've been
doing this for some years and working on
honing my you know writing skill and my
craft but you know it if this is what I
want to do it has to be a business so
you know it kind of hit me one day like
these are my babies but I literally have
to pimp them out on the street you know
what I mean like it's like it's like you
want to hold them dear in here but you
know I have to gang that business acumen
so that is why I'm going through this
conference because I'm trying to move to
the next level the other thing we just
talked about you know is you know
working a job and then trying to do your
passion and try to have a balance and
everything and that's where I am right
now but I definitely want to get to you
know a point where you know my job is my
business and that is the thing that
earns me money and sustain you know
myself and my family and that is
something that joy Lin has been able to
do but also help other people get there
so it is a three-day conference and I'm
just gonna quickly tell you what you
will learn on each day here let me
scroll and I also get the opportunity to
be a presenter I spoke last time about
getting a grant so I'll be talking about
you know getting some grants and getting
some money for some of the things that
you want to do but day one of the
conference is building your book from
the ground up so even though I've
written these books and I publish these
books you know I've made
you know there are books that are out
there that you know I could do
differently and you know things that you
know since I'm the publisher I have
access to so I can still make those
changes but even in like formatting and
when to release a book so so one big
point is that's the story of my life
this is gonna be an actual book release
you know my other book I you know
they're available on Amazon and and I
put like a Facebook post like in my book
but there's actually a process to having
a successful book release so that's
something that you can learn and she'll
walk you through step by step also if if
you're writing your first book or like
me you're on your eighth still there's
information to gain on day two is going
to be building your literary business
from the ground up so then it kind of
shifts from building your book to
building your business and this is
teaching authors and writers how they
should be operating as a business and
this is so important if this is
something that you want to do is
something that you want to you know
continue to do then you need to learn
how to make how to make money doing it
like there's no way in the world we we
have so many creative so many people who
have excellent skills and has excellent
voice and just information and an art
that should be shared and that everyone
should see but we don't get access to
them because they don't have an
opportunity to do it because they're not
making money from it
so that's day two day three is turning
your book into a business so I'm a
writer that is what I do but often times
people aren't necessarily writers maybe
you're you know you have some other
business owner but some type of other
business but you want to have a book and
you can kind of use your book as a
vehicle to earn money as well so this is
teaching writers authors how to earn
money beyond book sales by creating
multiple streams of income
so you know like in the case of like
huge arrow you know you have your
podcast and you have this platform where
you're sharing all these resources and
information of how people can support
black businesses and so that's the the
passion that's the foundation of it but
then you have a book so people can say
okay so and you and your reader so you
know people who are readers and want to
get that information or find out you
know how you got started and woody and
what you're doing you know you might
want to have a book as another stream of
income so that's gonna be on day three
it's just how to open up those streams
and keep on flowing you know so you get
to that overflow you know where we all
want to because we you know we have a
heart to give back and it's hard to give
back when you're operating from a
deficit absolutely well I love that and
and this has been just yet another of
these great conversations that I mean
it's hard to explain it I feel at home
when I'm talking to you and that oh it's
because I don't live in your home I live
up in Nebraska and every time I go home
to Arkansas like the first thing I do is
you know go to Mom's house go to my
grandma's house and then I go visit my
cousins and we just sold on and we just
talked because you know when you
separated you you don't really get to
have that freedom that feeling you you
kind of have to put the shell on all the
time and so right it's great to connect
with somebody like you where we can just
kind of take the you know take the ears
off and just just communicate and share
and enjoy it so thank you for bringing
your stories back and thank you for if
we're also giving us those details about
the the conference is coming up I'm
still planning on ongoing so hopefully
we'll be able to connect as well
exciting to have the opportunity to meet
you face to face in indeed so last time
we ended the show we
you're number one piece of advice for
the by black community I want to end the
show this time with your number one
piece of advice for anybody out there
who has a story or two inside of them
but they don't feel like they have a
voice what's your number one piece of
advice for them oh wow definitely so my
number one piece of advice is just to
share your story and it doesn't I mean
yes we want you to write a book and that
and that would be great but it doesn't
have to be in the format of a book you
know you can start off by telling your
story so many times we have things
within us that we just hold on to that
we just carry and it's important to
share that information with someone else
not just so it can be cathartic for you
that's that's one major point but also
sometimes you'll see you know maybe a
young person or another person who's
going through something and when you
share your story that you know again
they're like oh wow you know I'm not the
only one going through this you've been
through this too and you know you made
it over you know you made it out so
she'll share the story oftentimes people
are all fours so it might be a situation
where you know you are a storyteller I
love storytellers if you've ever been in
a situation where you know people you
know there might be junk and then
there's someone maybe singing or humming
something and then you have the actual
storyteller who's kind of taking you on
this risky journey and that's something
I admire so much that I'm like one time
you know at some point in time try to
kind of learned a little bit more about
in such a respect to art but you could
be you know a storyteller in that sense
and then you know also always you know
you can write down your write down your
stories and and publish I have
information that I can share you know
with you the last time I spoke about
spoke about my patreon page and it's for it's like Stephanie are
bridges so if you want to join that I
can you know share any information to
help you on that writing journey
it doesn't have to be a full-length book
though sometimes it's an e-book
sometimes it's a downloadable PDF so you
might have a website or something like
that or yeah and blog you could be a
blogger so there's so many different
aspects so many different ways I watch a
lot of YouTube they have something on
there like storytelling where people get
on there and share their stories and
tell their stories and a lot of times
it's something that they went through
that with like oh my goodness I can't
believe this is happening but this is
like years later or weeks or however
later it's like hilarious you know
you're laughing cracking up like ah your
wig fell off you know something like
that but but open up just open up share
your story and allow the journey to move
you awesome that is awesome
well Stephanie thank you so much again I
enjoyed every time we get to talk this
episode is going to change lives and I
highly encourage everybody listening if
you heard a piece of a story if you
heard a poem if you heard a message
today in Stephanie's work that touched
you moved you or that you know somebody
else needs then you reach out to her
reach out on Amazon buy the books share
the books and to reiterate if you work
in an organization or if you want to
create an opportunity for a book
giveaway for people in a nonprofit
organization or just folks in need reach
out to Stephanie and and she can get
that organized for you so that we can
get this message to as many people as we
can because we need to see
representation as authors as
illustrators and as the main characters
in these stories for our children our
teenagers and us as adults so thanks so
much Jeff nee and any final words before
we get out of here I just want to thank
you so much for having me again you are
such a wonderful communicator and so
polished so I love how I can kind of say
something and then you can say it in a
way you know so that there's more
understanding for you know different
people cuz you got to reach people where
you are and I think that is you know so
important that you're able to do that so
know precisely I just you know I just
love what you're doing so I plan on
going back and listening to all of your
podcasts just so I can you know get some
information and grow as well as someone
who's interested in supporting the black
community and black businesses but also
as a business owner myself I love it
well thank you so much and thank you
guys for being out there listening that
is it by Black podcast episode number 49
we're out of here and we'll catch you
next week thank you bye

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