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November 20, 2017
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018: How to Build Your Private Label Brand Selling on Amazon

Selling a private label brand on Amazon
Selling a private label brand on Amazon
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Selling a Private Label Brand on Amazon

You’re quite possibly presently a fan of Amazon as a consumer, since it makes it easy and affordable to purchase the items you need. But have you considered selling a private label brand on Amazon?  Over recent months, I’ve formulated a business promoting private label products on Amazon.

If you’ve ever considered creating and marketing your own brand of products, this episode is for you. Selling a private label brand on Amazon is a viable way for online retailers to start off their business. When you own a brand or label it creates an identity of its own which can create a large volumes of sales. This is why private labels are helpful to sell products that are generic in nature.

Today, we discuss the three main business models that companies use to sell on Amazon (retail arbitrage, private labeling, and wholesale), and walk through the steps to create and build your own product brand online.  We also talk about vertical integration vs. horizontal integration and the importance of each in building value in your brand and your business.  We close by pulling it all together with a case example using the exotic pet supplies market niche.  This episode is full of gold nuggets.  Don’t miss it. Yet another opportunity to pursue black entrepreneurship. Buy Black Podcast, your black entrepreneurship online resource.

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