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006-B: Labor Relations and Black Economics in the Early 20th Century
September 4, 2017
Pastor Eugene Udell reviving the entrepreneurial spirit in the black community
008: Reviving the Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Black Community with Pastor Eugene Udell
September 18, 2017
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007: Fifteen Businesses You Can Start at Any Time or Place

Moving Day Calendar
Moving Day Calendar
Natural Disaster, Job Relocation, Relationship End?

Don't Panic; Start Fresh

Businesses You Can Start at Any Time or Place

With our friends and family struggling to recover from Hurricane Harvey in Texas and many more currently seeking cover as Hurricane Irma descends on Florida, the only topic on my mind is how we can create opportunities to take economic ownership of our lives in the wake of natural disasters and other life altering tragedies.

In this episode, you’ll find 15 ideas for businesses that you can start at any time or place with minimal resources, without leasing facilities or office space.  Whether you’ve been forced to move to a new home, or are simply looking for an opportunity to break free from working for someone else, the topics in this show can help you get started today.

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