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016: How the Black Community Can Become a Political and Economic Powerhouse

Cartoon Graphic Black People Hold Up Gameboard
Cartoon Graphic Black People Hold Up Gameboard

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Politics Is Just Another Tool Used to Divide and Disarm Our Community

Let's Take Back Our Power and Take Control of Our Future...Together

Yes. The Black Community Can Use Politics & Economics to Our Advantage

This episode has been a long time coming.  I made a promise in the introduction to this podcast that I would not talk politics on the show.  In reality, doing that and building an honest, open platform with real connections between people is pretty much impossible.  So, today’s show is all about politics.  Specifically, how the idea of being a Democrat or a Republican is not in the best interest of the black community. With understanding the black community can use politics to become an economic powerhouse.

Rather than being the workhorses and mouthpieces of parties that care nothing about us, the black community really needs to turn attention on using our different political leanings, passions, and skills to build a better future for our children in this world.  For years, blacks in America have race has become proxy for politics and decency. If we start today with liberal activists working collectively to change the system, and conservative business leaders working collectively to revive black entrepreneurship, strong family devotion, and cultural pride in our upcoming generation, we can change the face of this nation over the next 30 years in a way that produces positive outcomes for all Americans.

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