Market Your Business By Podcasting w/ Ron Brooks
036: Market Your Business By Podcasting w/ Ron Brooks
April 23, 2018
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May 7, 2018

037: 7 Steps to Build a High Performance Team

Building a High Performance Team Starts with Great Leadership

This week, we’re taking a time out to talk about team building and leadership.  Be a better leader, a more effective manager, and build your high performance team by following the steps laid out in this episode.

  1. Identify your strengths and weaknesses as a Leader & Manager
    1. Leaders:
      1. Have a vision
      2. Articulate that vision
      3. Inspire people to accomplish goals
    2. Managers:
      1. Ensure task accomplishment
      2. Track productivity
      3. Report progress toward milestones and goals
    3. Both functions are important
    4. Each of us is better at one versus the other
    5. Assess your skills honestly
  2. Identify your team members’ strengths
    1. Don’t try to identify their weaknesses
    2. Weaknesses are revealed over time, be patient
  3. Listen & Learn about your team members
    1. Who are they?
    2. What do they love?
    3. What do they do when they’re not working?
    4. What do they want to do with their careers?
    5. What skills/experience do they need to get there?
    6. What are their Intrinsic Motivators?
  4. Recruit your #2: Preferably someone who excels at your weaknesses
  5. Communicate your vision, Set the Compass, and Go
  6. Empower, Mentor, Delegate, Support
  7. Be their Umbrella & their Champion

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