Episode 32: Don't Quit Your Day Job w/ Dr. Julian Thomas
032: Leverage Your Paycheck to Start Your Business w/ Dr. Julian Thomas
March 25, 2018
Build a Focused, Productive, Profitable Lifestyle with Lyman Montgomery
034: Build a Focused, Productive, and Profitable Lifestyle w/ Lyman Montgomery
April 9, 2018

033: Use SEO to Rank on Google’s First Page w/ Darrin Marion

Use SEO to Rank on Google's First Page w/ Darrin Marion

Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) Your Website Is the Best Investment You Can Make

In this episode, Darrin Marion, CEO of Ratel SEO, teaches us the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization.  Darrin and I connected through a mutual friend as I was preparing to launch BuyBlackPodcast.com.  Over a two day weekend, he helped me organize and optimize my content and he can do the same for you.  Have a pencil and notepad ready.  This episode is full of gold nuggets.

  • Started at Merrill Lynch
    • Largest Class Action Lawsuit in history
    • Left went to Starbucks
    • Learned how to Roast Coffee
    • Decided to start own company
  • Darrin’s Coffee Company
    • Wanted to learn how to look bigger than he was in the marketplace
    • Took classes on SEO
    • Began ranking first page on google
    • Then ranking first page nationally
    • Decided to start company providing SEO services
  • Ratel SEO (The Honey Badger)
    • “We rank where we want!”
More on Darrin’s Coffee
  • Manufactures roasted coffee beans
  • Specialty coffee only
    • Darrin’s offer Q-Score 88 and above
  • darrinscoffee.com
Ratel SEO
  • Darrin’s Coffee got hacked
  • Learned the skills, then shared them
  • Growth through “The Unrefusable Offer”
  • ratelseo.com

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Introduction to SEO
  • On Page SEO
  • Images, Descriptions & Alt Tags
  • Internal Links
  • External Links
  • Anchor Text and more…
Tips for Business Owners
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