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000: The Vision of Buy Black Podcast. Black-Owned Business
July 5, 2017
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001-B: Choose the Right Crowdfunding Platform for Your Project
July 13, 2017

001: Turn Your Passion Into Profits While Serving the Community

Leverage your passion to create profits and serve your community.  This is what Daniel Abaraoha (pronounced a-Bar-a-Ha) did when he founded Vita Shoes Company.  Join Gerald and Daniel in this episode as they break down the process of building a product-based company from scratch, using it to serve others, talk about balancing commitments, running successful crowdfunding campaigns, and so much more.  This episode is packed with gems.  A must listen.

Tools and Resources Discussed During the show:

Daniel’s Company Website –

Shoe Company that Daniel Models his Sustainable Material Strategy from:

Daniel Ran His First Crowdsourcing Campaign on

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