029: Leverage & Mechanical Advantage in Community Economics
February 26, 2018
031: Stop Giving Everything Away
March 19, 2018

030: How to Market Yourself and Open Doors w/ Oliver M. Fitzpatrick

How to Market Yourself & Open Doors

Be Genuine. Build Relationships. Market Yourself.

Do you have a great product or service, but have a hard time selling it. Most likely, there is a problem with your marketing strategy.  In this episode, Oliver Michael Fitzpatrick shares some tips on how to Market Yourself and Open Doors to get your brand in the hands of the right people.

NDeed Regime Handmade Custom Bowties

  • Always had a passion for fashion
  • Started as a wholesale business
    • Manufactured Overseas
    • Unique, but not custom
    • Long lead time from order to delivery
  • Moved to Handmade, Custom Products
    • Attended Fashion School
    • Learned to Sew
    • Began choosing custom fabrics & styles
    • More value, shorter delivery lead time
    • Instant Competitive Advantage
  • Leveraged Jobs/Career to Build Business Skills
    • Retail Cell Phone Store
      • Sales Strategies & Tactics
      • Reading Body Language & Non-Verbal Cues
    • Men’s Suit Store Stylist
      • How to Measure for Tailored Products
      • Understand Men’s Fashion Wants & Needs

You Are Your Brand, Be a Genuine Person

Regardless of who you are interacting with, personally or professionally, it is important to be genuine.  Trying to adjust your personality to what you think people want to see is easily recognizable and a big turn off.  Whenever you Market Yourself to other people, Be Yourself.  Here are some other great tips from Oliver on how to Open Doors and create opportunities:

Always wear or display your product

  • Conversation Starter
  • Confidence in your brand

Always have business cards on you to trade

  • Don’t give them out like candy
  • Engage in conversation, be selective with your cards

Have your Social Media Organized for Business

  • This is Your Online Business Card
  • Present the right image
  • Your Product Needs a Strong Presence
  • Connect with and Promote Other Entrepreneurs

Be Able to Converse on a Variety of Topics

  • Extends Meaningful Conversation
  • Opportunities to Find Common Ground
  • More Likely to Develop Connections

Listen More than You Talk

  • Find Common Ground
  • Listen for Helpful Hints
  • Introverts Make Good Networkers
  • Let Other People Talk, Genuinely Care About What They are Saying

Seek Mutual Benefits

  • How Can My Brand Benefit This Person
  • Can It Benefit Someone they Know
  • How Can This Person Benefit Me

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