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September 25, 2017
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October 9, 2017
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010: A Scientific Approach to Natural Hair Care with Jamille Robinson

natural hair care
natural hair care
Phoenix Deep Rooted Organic Hair & Skin Products Creator
Jamille Robinson Explains Her Scientifically Sound
Product Development, Testing & Marketing Process

In this episode, Jamille Robinson explains how she combined her passions for cosmetology and pharmacology to develop a uniquely scientific approach to natural hair care.  After experiencing personal hair loss in the wake of a serious medical diagnosis, she quickly went to work in her lab developing a natural solution to regrow and strengthen her hair.  Quickly, she decided to form her company Phoenix Deep Rooted. Over the following months she perfected her formula, did some in-depth market research, and added four additional product lines to serve all forms of natural hair from Men’s Beards to dreadlocks.  After hearing her story, you’ll agree that her products should be at the forefront of the natural hair care market. Don’t miss it.

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