037: 7 Steps to Build a High Performance Team
April 30, 2018
Use Debt Snowball and Group Economics to Payoff $25,000 in Six Months w/ Latrice Coleman
039: Use Group Economics to Payoff $25,000 in Six Months w/ Latrice Coleman
May 14, 2018

038: Insurance, Health, and Generational Wealth with JC Matthews

Life, Dental, and Disability: Three Types of Insurance You Absolutely Need

In this episode, my guest JC Matthews teaches us critical information about insurance and generational wealth.  We learn details about Term versus Whole Life Insurance, the difference between Dental “Insurance” and a Dental Plan, and the importance of Disability (or as JC puts it, “Paycheck”) Insurance.  Join us for one of the most important and engaging Buy Black Podcast episodes yet!

Connect With JC:

Website: www.simplyinsurance.co

Email: jmatthews@simplyinsurance.co

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/jc_matthews1

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jc-matthews-a02010134

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