Defining Social Entrepreneurship with Going Outro App Co-founder Josh Bunch
047: Defining Social Entrepreneurship & Attracting Venture Capital Investors w/ Outro App Co-Founder Joshua Bunch
July 16, 2018
In Spirit Power and Truth, Poetry and Stories by Stephanie R Bridges
049: In Spirit, Power and Truth – Inspiring Stories & Poetry by Stephanie R Bridges
July 31, 2018

048: Use Individual Artist Grants to Fund Your Creative Business w/ Stephanie R Bridges

Support black-owned businesses, find individual artist grants w/ Stephanie R Bridges

Individual Artist Grants Are Out There for You

In this episode, my guest, Stephanie R Bridges, and I talk about everything from what it truly means to be supportive of black business owners to struggling as an artist and finally how to find and win grants that you can use to fund creative projects.

This was a fun and free flowing conversation, but don’t be fooled. Stephanie delves deep into the subjects and passionately delivers actionable tips for each of us to support ourselves and our community better.

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