Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business w/ Joylynn Ross
045: Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business w/ Joylynn M. Ross
July 1, 2018
Defining Social Entrepreneurship and Attracting Venture Capital Investors w/ Josh Bunch
047: Defining Social Entrepreneurship & Attracting Venture Capital Investors w/ Outro App Co-Founder Joshua Bunch
July 15, 2018
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046: Ideas, Resources, Assets, Wealth – #buyblackpodcast Year in Review

14 Productivity Tools to Streamline Your Side Hustle
One Year Ago, We Set Out to Change the World. Thanks to You, We're Well On Our Way...But There's Still Much to Be Done.

Year In Review

Why We Do the Show

  • Media Platform Ownership: Control our message and our image
  • Direct dollars, resources, network connections to grow our businesses
  • Tack ownership of our economy, the first step in the Five Levels of Control
  • Build “Black Community Inc.” Vertical and Horizontal Integrated Economic Network

Who We Do It For

  • Alton Sterling: Officers Not Charged
  • Philando Castile: Officer Not Charged
  • Tamir Rice: Officer Not Charged
  • Jordan Edwards: Officer Charged w/ Murder
    • Trial has been delayed twice
    • Set to begin August 2018
    • We can’t allow them to slide an acquittal past us
    • We must be vigilant

How We Change the World

  • Realize the Power of our Ideas & Resources
    • Visualize a value creating asset
    • Identify the resources needed to bring it to life
    • Build an asset with our resources
    • Use that asset to build wealth for ourselves
    • Use that asset to provide value for others in the community
  • Master the Five Levels of Control
    • Take Ownership of Our Economy
    • Take Control of Our Political Destiny
    • Use Political & Economic Leverage to Demand and Receive Justice for Our People
    • Build Media Platforms, Control Our Image
    • Build Educational Facilities, Control What the Next Generation Learns About Our Culture

Building Assets From Scratch: Jones Family Garden Project


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