Act Like and Author, Think Like a Business w/ Joylynn M. Ross
045: Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business w/ Joylynn M. Ross
June 25, 2018
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July 16, 2018

046: Ideas, Resources, Assets, Wealth – #buyblackpodcast Year in Review

Year In Review

Why We Do the Show

  • Media Platform Ownership: Control our message and our image
  • Direct dollars, resources, network connections to grow our businesses
  • Tack ownership of our economy, the first step in the Five Levels of Control
  • Build “Black Community Inc.” Vertical and Horizontal Integrated Economic Network

Who We Do It For

  • Alton Sterling: Officers Not Charged
  • Philando Castile: Officer Not Charged
  • Tamir Rice: Officer Not Charged
  • Jordan Edwards: Officer Charged w/ Murder
    • Trial has been delayed twice
    • Set to begin August 2018
    • We can’t allow them to slide an acquittal past us
    • We must be vigilant

How We Change the World

  • Realize the Power of our Ideas & Resources
    • Visualize a value creating asset
    • Identify the resources needed to bring it to life
    • Build an asset with our resources
    • Use that asset to build wealth for ourselves
    • Use that asset to provide value for others in the community
  • Master the Five Levels of Control
    • Take Ownership of Our Economy
    • Take Control of Our Political Destiny
    • Use Political & Economic Leverage to Demand and Receive Justice for Our People
    • Build Media Platforms, Control Our Image
    • Build Educational Facilities, Control What the Next Generation Learns About Our Culture

Joylynn M. Ross: “Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business”

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