012: Vita Shoes Company. Great Cause. Great Shoes.
October 16, 2017
black community from producer to consumers
014: Shifting the Black Community from Consumers to Producers
October 30, 2017

013: Five Steps to Set and Achieve SMART Goals for 2018

Set and Achieve Smart Goals for 2018

In this episode, I lay out a five step process to set and achieve SMART goals in your life, and issue a challenge to move from reactive (survival) style thinking to proactive (problem solving) style thinking.  To share your ideas or get help developing SMART goals, reach out to me at gerald@buyblackpodcast.com. Connect with me on FB, Twitter, or IG @buyblackpodcast.

Get more episodes, and find links to over 200 VERIFIED & ORGANIZED Resource Links broken into 25 Categories to help you find anything you need for business, job growth, education, professional networks, financing, and of course, Buying from Black-Owned Businesses at buyblackpodcast.com.

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