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067: Five E-Commerce Website Details that Will Make Customers Run & Never Return w/ Courtney Underwood

E-Commerce Retailers strap in and get ready as Courtney Underwood shares the steps - in detail - that it took to build PassportsandPurpose.com. By taking the unusual path of learning to do everything herself so she could effectively delegate later, Courtney learned everything from the psychology of e-commerce to discovering niche audiences to tailoring the voice of your brand. She's handing ALL of that knowledge over to you in this episode!


Courtney Underwood is a speaker, mentor, and entrepreneur with a mission to teach people how to value their worth, set boundaries, and create memories that have a lasting impact. She equips both companies and individuals with the necessary tools and resources to discover their strengths and maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality or value.

In 2016, she founded Passports and Purpose, an e-commerce retail company that sells travel and affirmation apparel and accessories. Within the first year, she outgrew the platform and expanded the business, adding product lines and multiple languages to satisfy her international customers. Currently, Passports and Purpose is recognized for both high performance, high engagement, and high conversion – metrics that reveal an unparalleled dedication to customer service and product quality.

Courtney holds a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication from DePaul University and holds several certifications that point to her years of experience in E-Commerce, Strategic Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Career Consulting. When she is not working, Courtney spends quality time with her family, mentors and volunteers across the Chicagoland area, and travels extensively.

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