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May 21, 2018
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041: Design a Million Dollar Online Business w/ Rohan Gilkes

Design a Million Dollar Online Business w/ Rohan Gilkes

Structure Your Online Business Idea for Maximum Profit

In this episode, my guest Rohan Gilkes, explains the process he has used to create and grow several profitable internet companies.  His model for identifying opportunities, testing them, and scaling an online business is proven across multiple industries, and it can work for you as well.  Have your pen and notepad ready!

Key Tips for Success

  1. Find an industry where people are already making millions
  2. Add a thin layer of technology
  3. Create a better customer experience
  4. Manage Risk as much as possible
  5. Time & Money are the Entrepreneurs most precious resources…be as conservative as possible with both
  6. People don’t buy from you unless they trust you
  7. 95% of success as an entrepreneur is your mindset
  8. Be the type of person who just starts driving and solves problems along the way

4 Steps to Qualify a Business Opportunity

  1. Is this something people are already spending money on?
  2. Are there people already making millions in this market?
  3. Can I get started by investing only 2-3 months salary?
  4. Is there a path to have my first paying customer in 30-60 days?

Build a Beautiful Landing Page

  • Not a “coming soon” page
  • Looks like the finished product
  • Looks like you already have customers
  • Looks “lived in”
  • Makes potential suppliers & customers feel comfortable

Social Media Marketing Tips

  • Instagram is great for highly visual products
  • Facebook & Facebook Groups are great for products that require engagement
  • Twitter is excellent for reaching new, somewhat qualified customers
    • Look at what’s trending for the day
    • Find something that speaks to your product or service
    • Use Twitter Advanced Search to target specific segments
    • Join the conversation around trending topics
      • 80% organic posts, no advertising
      • 20% posts mentioning your product or service
    • Again, people don’t buy from you unless they trust you

Rohan’s Online Business Portfolio

http://www.rohangilkes.com/ – Peek over my shoulder as I share everything on my journey to $1,000,000 in monthly revenue.

https://innclusive.com/ – BE YOURSELF. Rent welcoming & affordable places from amazing hosts in 130+ countries.

https://www.launch27.com/ – Launch27 was built to help Maids in Black grow. It now runs the business operations of hundreds of companies and is responsible for a number of millionaires.

http://groovelearning.com/ – We wanted to share our success so we built GrooveLearning…a Facebook group of business owners dedicated to growing their businesses.

http://www.maidsinblack.com/ – Maid and cleaning service in DC MD VA. Select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, see your price, and schedule maid service in 60 seconds!

https://wetshaveclub.com – THE WAY WET SHAVING SHOULD BE. Sign up today to get awesome shaving products for less than a dollar a day.

http://overthinkacademy.com/ – OverThink Academy Is Creating A Global Learning Experience That Delivers Training in Business, Wellness, And Life. Get access to a growing vault of courses, exclusive events, and international adventures.

Resources & Recommendations

https://conversionxl.com/ – Optimization through research and experimentation guarantees growth.  CXL is the leading source for optimization, growth and digital analytics expertise.

https://buyblackpodcast.com/podcast/004-three-things-need-start-business/ – Don’t Fall Into Paralysis by Analysis. There are Only Three Things You NEED To Start a Business

https://buyblackpodcast.com/podcast/solo/fifteen-businesses-you-can-start-any-time-or-place/ – In this episode, you’ll find 15 ideas for businesses that you can start at any time or place with minimal resources, without leasing facilities or office space.

https://buyblackpodcast.com/state-business-registration-portals/ – Business Filing Resources By State. Find the instructions, forms, and online filing portals for YOUR State.

Connect with Rohan:

Email: rohan@innclusive.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rohangilkes

Groove Learning FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/groovelearning/

Overthink Academy FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OverThinkAcademy/

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