038: Insurance, Health, and Generational Wealth with JC Matthews
May 7, 2018
040: Malcolm X – The Ballot or The Bullet Speech
May 21, 2018

039: Use Group Economics to Payoff $25,000 in Six Months w/ Latrice Coleman

Use Debt Snowball and Group Economics to Payoff $25,000 in Six Months w/ Latrice Coleman

Pay Off Debt and Repair Credit in Less Than a Year

The content in this episode can change your life.  My guest, Latrice Coleman, gives us a detailed explanation of how she, her husband, and her brother used Group Economics and the Debt Snowball technique to Pay Off $25,000 Debts in Less Than Six Months!

Have your pen and paper ready.  You’re definitely going to want to take notes on this one.

Key Quotes from Latrice

“I’m Broke on Purpose”

“Stick to the Script”

“Bad Credit is Expensive”

“I Feel Like I Just Won the Lottery”

“Cash is King, but Credit is Power”

“Be the Change the You Want to See”

“Everybody Eats”

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