10 Best Practices to Overcome Writer's Block
054: 10 Best Practices to Quickly Overcome Writer’s Block
September 2, 2018
Create Passive Income and Take Back Your Time w/ Terry Washington Jr.
056: Create Passive Income and Take Back Your Time w/ Terry Washington Jr.
September 14, 2018

055: Five Critical Behaviors of Successful Business Leaders w/ Chevan Baker

Five Critical Behaviors of Successful Business Leaders

So you want to run your own business? Great! Don’t let fear keep you from getting started.  In fact, you should get comfortable being UN-comfortable! In this episode, learn the five critical behaviors used by successful business leaders to stand out in the marketplace.

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Voices of Black Business Show Notes

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Today’s Voice of Black Business: Five Critical Behaviors of Successful Business Leaders w/ Chevan Baker

Chevan’s #1 Piece of Advice: Don’t second guess yourself! You can accomplish anything!

  • [03:10] Interview begins
  • [04:00] The Tech Blog & The Senior Project
  • [13:30] The Value of Evergreen Content
  • [21:50] Back from Break

Five Critical Behaviors of Successful Business Leaders

  1. [22:10] Build genuine relationships and strong networks
    1. Always carry business cards and give them out generously
    2. Work on your elevator pitch…always be ready to talk about your business
    3. Shoot your shot!  
    4. Always be open and receptive to the moment – go where the people are
    5. Be genuinely curious
    6. Don’t be afraid of the challenge
    7. Be a real leader – to control your path you must make the key decisions
  2. [31:40] Control the path you walk.  Take ownership of your destiny
    1. Look at yourself as a CEO
    2. Present yourself on purpose…all the time.  Even down to the way you answer your phone
    3. The only failed opportunity is a missed opportunity.  Be prepared for the moment and step into it
  3. [35:40] Take advantage of every opportunity that is presented to you
    1. [47:10] The Cold Shower Theory
  4. [40:50] Get Comfortable Being UN-Comfortable
    1. We are biased toward our own ideas
    2. People will also tell you what you want to hear…don’t believe them
    3. Pay attention to the data
    4. Pay attention to what customers actually DO when they visit your site or walk through your door
    5. Use https://trends.google.com to see what people are searching for…
    6. [55:10] Google Trends Search Term Analysis Use Case Example
  5. [48:30] Watch and Listen to Your Audience – Really Listen to Learn What They Want

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