one page business plan
004-A: What You Need to Start a Business – Problem, Solution, Customers
July 31, 2017
Corporation LLC Taxation Infographic
004-C: Choosing the Right Legal Structure for Your Business
August 7, 2017

004-B: Create Your One Page Business Model Canvas Plan in Nine Easy Steps

This is the second episode in a 4-part series on overcoming common obstacles and objections to start your own business.  Join me as I lay out the nine essential components in a business model, and walk you through how to use the Business Model Canvas tool to capture yours on a single sheet of paper.  This show is full of actionable tips and analyzes the business model canvas using case studies from the retail, advertising, and service industries.  If you want capture your business idea in an organized way that can be easily communicated to lenders or investors, you don’t want to miss this episode.

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