001: Turn Your Passion Into Profits While Serving the Community
July 10, 2017
002: How Stef Grant Created Noirbnb, a Visionary Business Opportunity
July 17, 2017

001-B: Choose the Right Crowdfunding Platform for Your Project

crowdfunding platforms

Join me as I explore the four basic types of crowdfunding platform and compare the attributes of the three most popular sites for entrepreneurs and startups interested in raising funds (Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and Indiegogo).  This show will help you decide which platform is the right place to market your campaign and make it a success.

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You can find additional information in the resources below:

19 Psychological Tactics for Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns


Kickstarter vs. GoFundMe vs. Indiegogo: Which crowdfunding platform is the best option for your small business?


The Different Types of Crowdfunding (and which is right for you)


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