069: Economics, Community and the Ultimate Black Love Gift Guide w/ Leshelle Smith
December 16, 2018
071: #TheForeverS7even – Compilation & Original Poetry w/ RaeAnne Chanelle
January 6, 2019

070: The FUNdamentals of Planning Your Business w/ Sheena Morgan

Sheena began her career with the small, minority, women, and disadvantaged business community in 1999. In her role as Executive Director of both the North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency and the South Central Texas Regional Certification Agency, from May 2006 to June 2013, she developed and improved community awareness programs, built sustainable relationships with local and federal government business partners and participated in a multitude of educational and speaker forums concentrating on business development and certification.


Sheena is now the owner of Lengo, a consolatory suite of best business practices which bridge the gaps and facilitates the expansion of unyielding opportunities and results that rest within the potential of a truly focused organizational vision. She also enjoys public and motivational speaking. Some of her speaking topics include the Power in Female Negotiation and the Growth Zone, Finding Potential in Yourself & Others. She enjoys empowering women with her story and transforming their minds to focus on their inner power and ability to exceed their wildest dreams!

Sheena was appointed in August 2017 by the City Council, to the Planning & Zoning Commission for the great city of Glenn Heights, TX, and she is currently RUNNING FOR MAYOR! (Election Day is 26 January, 2019)

We get into some discussion about her mayoral run later in the program, but our main focus today is to take the pretentiousness out of business talk and strip back techniques to expose just how easy it is to understand the basics of business.

Sheena will teach you how to position yourself with strategic plans that support your vision and maximize your company’s success and growth!

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Leverage Unleashed is a master class devoted to educating business owners about techniques to maximize their success and develop true strategies aligned with their firm’s overall experience. This is a self-paced online program with monthly chat sessions, 1-on-1 coaching, and competitive business development. For any listeners that sign up for the course, there will be a 30% discount offered!

Competitive Business Plan Development for all entrepreneurs is now being offered through December 31st for 30% off. Listeners will receive a full competitive business plan, market research included. Secure a free consultation call by December 31st and receive the offer for all plans booked before March 1, 2019!

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