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July 31, 2018
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August 11, 2018

050: Brand New Rebranding Episode for the Buy Black Podcast Brand

Buy Black Podcast brand - modified cover art for 16:9 frame

In this episode, I breakdown the importance of building a strong brand and the reasons behind and benefits of rebranding the show from “Buy Black: Build the New Black Wall Street” to “Buy Black Podcast | The Voice of Black Business”.

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3 Keys to Building the New Buy Black Podcast Brand:

  1. Rebranding made it easier for the show to get found by people searching the keywords “black business” and “black entrepreneur”
  2. Rebranding put Buy Black Podcast into a stronger, more authoritative position in the marketplace
  3. Rebuilding the website made it easier for the great, exclusive resources we’ve aggregated at to be found and used by the people who need them

Voices of Black Business Show Notes

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  • Today’s Voice of Black Business: Brand New Rebranding Episode for the Buy Black Podcast Brand
  • [00:03:10]Acknowledgements & Appreciation to Listener Bryonna, who pushed me to rebuild the Buy Black Podcast website
  • Why Rebrand the show?
    • [08:30:00] To Get Found
      • Nobody searches for “Black Wall Street”
      • Grayscale cover art didn’t stand out in the directory
      • People search the terms “Black Entrepreneur” and “Black Business” much more often
      • Changing the name had immediate effects
        • Apple Podcasts – Top 30 results
        • Spotify – Top 3 results
        • Stitcher – #1 result for “Black Business”!
    • [00:15:30] To take a Stronger Market Position – Convey Authority in the industry
      • The Voice of Black Business
        • Where Black Businesses come to have their voices heard
        • Where consumers come to hear Black Business Voices
        • Where media outlets come to get the Black Business perspective
      • More media options while representing one brand
        • Blog writers (written voice)
        • Videos (black product reviews)
        • Live Radio Programs (real-time connections)
    • [00:19:00] Freedom – To Be Myself Behind the Mic
      • “Buy Black: Build the New Black Wall Street is a very “woke” name
      • Felt like I had to take every subject seriously
      • Had to do every episode from a serious angle
      • I felt trapped in the “wokeness” of my own project
      • “If you find that you’ve built a prison for yourself, tear it down and build a vacation resort in its place.” -Gerald Jones
      • Being in business is fun, trying new things is fun
      • Recording a podcast should be fun
      • The Voice of Black Business can be serious or silly, insightful or insecure…as long as it’s genuine
  • What changed?
    • [00:26:30] The Podcast
      • Name
      • Artwork
      • Format (keep it tight)
    • [00:27:50] The Website
      • [00:30:20] Homepage
        • Quickly navigate to what you’re looking for
        • Navigation Box: “What Do You Want To Do?”
          • Listen to the Show – Embedded Smart Podcast Player
          • Be A Guest – Guest Information Form & Schedule Pre-Interview
          • Support Black Businesses – Black Business Directory..Directory
          • [00:38:15] Start A Business – Links to Register a New Business in Each State
          • Find & Share Resources – Over 200 Business Building Resources
            • Add new links to our list
            • Embed our list on your website
          • Learn More – Our Story (About Us Page)
            • Mission – Amplify the Voices of Black Business
            • Vision – Be ‘First In Mind’ for Building and Supporting Black Business
            • Core Values – “Community First. People Always.”
      • [00:43:40] Menu
        • About
          • Instagram Feed
          • Press Kit
          • Media Features
        • Podcast
          • Subscribe to the Show
          • Download the App
          • Sponsorship Packages
          • Make a Donation on Patreon
        • Resource Library
        • [00:52:00] Shop
      • Sidebar
        • Download & Subscribe Links
      • I will feature your reviews on the site
    • Episode Posts
      • Structured Show Notes
      • Clickable Time Stamps
      • Full Show Transcript
  • [01:00:20] Perks & Offers
    • For Guests
      • Featured Business Quick Links Page
      • Featured Guests Quick Links Page
      • Featured Business Directory Listing
    • Sponsors
      • On episode ad reads (up to 3 slots available each episode)
      • Premium Directory Listing
      • Social Media shout outs and “brought to you by” page recognition w/ links to your company’s website
    • Patrons
      • Shoutouts in NEW monthly Question & Answer episode
      • Access to exclusive original and behind the scenes content
      • Patrons only social media community??????
  • [01:05:25] Help Us Change the World
    • Become a Patron / Become a Sponsor / Subscribe in Apple Podcasts
    • Leave a review / Recruit new listeners
    • Follow us on social media (@buyblackpodcast everywhere)
    • Buy and Wear our Merch
  • [01:09:45] New Opportunities
    • Monthly Question & Answer Show
      • Submit your questions to
      • Artist Collaboration: Create Buy Black Podcast Merch, Receive royalties
      • Writers Collaboration: I need blog writers.  You need experience and exposure. Let’s talk!

Joylynn M. Ross: “Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business” Conference EXCLUSIVE OFFER

Exclusive Buy Black Podcast Promotional Offer

Buy Black Podcast Exclusive Black Business Resources!

  1. How to Register a New Business in Your State
  2. Black Business Directories…Directory!
  3. 200+ Business Building Resource Websites Link Library
  4. Entrepreneurs Toolkit

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