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016: How the Black Community Can Become a Political and Economic Powerhouse
November 14, 2017
Selling a private label brand on Amazon
018: How to Build Your Private Label Brand Selling on Amazon
November 27, 2017

017: Support These 22 Black Owned Businesses This Holiday Season

This episode is purely about supporting Black Owned Businesses this Holiday Season.  I bring you 22 companies with unique products and services that are excellent gift ideas for each of your friends and family members.  Listen to the show, connect with these businesses, and become the gift hero of your circle in 2017. Join BuyBlack Podcast Community Facebook Group & Share Links to Black Owned Businesses You’re Supporting this year.

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22 Black Owned Businesses You Want to Buy From

GEMBLENDER – “Welcome to the new #GEMeration.”

Nature Boy Grooming Products – “Feel fresh before stepping out to take on the world.”

Bevel Grooming Products – “‘Good Enough’ Wasn’t Good Enough

Bolden Skin Care Products – “Take your daily routine to THE NEXT LEVEL”

MyBestBox – “Happiness is the highest form of health.”

Civilian Force Arms – “Quality, Precision, Reliability”

Spring Break Watches – “Increase Solidarity, Strengthen and Build, Unite and Amplify”

de·fine·me GREEK – “More than an Apparel Company – It’s a Movement!”

Audacity Tees – “For the potty mouthed, audacious, righteous nerds in the world”

Vita Shoes Company – “Community. Affordability. Quality.”

Banneker Watches & Clocks – “Wear the History…Share the History”

FIFShades – “The Future of Eyewear is Here”

N-Deed Regime – “Elegance at Its Best”

Dapper Black Box – “The First and Only Subscription Service for the Conscious Gentleman”

beingU – “Nude Lingerie Designed with Your Body in Mind”

Naturally Perfect Dolls – “It’s time for our young girls to have a new standard”

Natural Girls United – “Our Beauty Recognized…”

Phoenix Deep Rooted Organics – “The Rebirth of Healthy Hair”

Curls, Twists, Coils & Kinks Magazine – “The haircare magazine for textured naturals”

Mike D’s BBQ – “Throw Some D’s On It”

Noirbnb – “The Future of Black Travel”

Innclusive – “Be Yourself”

Airfordable – “On a Mission to Democratize Travel”

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