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June 25, 2018
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July 9, 2018

045: Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business w/ Joylynn M. Ross

Act Like and Author, Think Like a Business w/ Joylynn M. Ross

Turn Your Book Into Your Business

In this episode, my guest Joylynn M. Ross, BLESSEDSelling Author, Editor, and Publisher, teaches us how to get our business ready for our book.  Her step by step process is perfect for aspiring writers, coaches, consultants, and anyone who has a book and a business inside of them that needs to be let out!

Joylynn’s Highlights

  • Money comes from the business you build off of the book
    • The book is only an extension of your business
    • An extension of your message
  • Leverage your intellectual property
  • People Care about What You Do and How What You Do Can Help Them
  • Don’t be afraid to teach people what you know
    • But don’t be afraid to charge them for the lesson
  • We are starving people by keeping what we know and what we do from them
  • Don’t wait for your book to get ready

Get Ready For Your Book

  • What is the question everyone is constantly asking you?
  • Read to get prepared for your book
  • Most people already have their books written
    • Capture your intellectual property
    • Turn podcasts into publications
    • Transcribe your videos
    • Review and capture all of your social media posts
      • Categorize, organize, and publish
  • Use voice recognition software like Dragon to dictate your book
  • Hire a ghost writer

Don’t Just Dive Into the Industry

  • Learn the publishing process
    • Writing
    • Editing
    • Design
    • Publishing
  • Know who your audience is
    • Can’t write a book for everybody
    • Who, specifically, are you trying to help?
    • Build your audience before you bring them the book
  • Forget trying to get people interested in you
    • Show that you are interested in them
  • Determine your “Why’s”
    • Why am I writing?
    • Why am I publishing?
    • Why am I selling this book?
  • Hustle a Plan
    • It costs to put your message out there

Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself

Don’t be afraid to invest in your business

Business Building Tools & Resources

Connect with Joylynn

Register for the “Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business” 2018 Conference – https://bit.ly/2tVDuxl

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/JoylynnRoss

Twitter – https://twitter.com/enjoywrites



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