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The Practical Wealth ShowShow Name: The Practical Wealth Show
Host Name: Curtis May
Episode: 18
Show Recap: Gerald Jones is the host of Buy Black Podcast and shares his mission which is to change the reality of black people through positive economic growth. They talk about how to be successful in business and in life and why it’s critical to take immediate action.

Educated HustleShow Name: Educated Hustle
Host Name: Paul & Emilio
Episode: 89
Show Recap: Gerald Jones the host of Buy Black Podcasts is our guest this week. Gerald tells us what inspired him to make the podcast and how he was able to get up in running. He then tells us how you can start a business with less than $500 and why you shouldn\'t pay to have someone file your business LLC. Later on, we get into Black Wallstreet and if we are on track to return to that glory one day.

Enterprise NOW!Show Name: Enterprise NOW!
Host Name: Elzie Flenard
Episode: 79
Show Recap: In this episode, I talk with Gerald Jones of Buy Black Podcast. Gerald is the voice behind BuyBlack Podcast, a project that is the opening drive toward accomplishing his life\'s mission. We talk about building your brand, intrapreneurship, and how to smash it with your core values.

Ash Said It­® DailyShow Name: Ash Said It­® Daily
Host Name: Ashley Brown
Episode: 0
Show Recap: Buy Black Podcast emerged from a dark place but has elevated lives worldwide. Founder Gerald Jones shares his experience as a new podcaster, the challenges he faced and his hope for the next generation of innovators.

The Riot Starter ChatShow Name: The Riot Starter Chat
Host Name: Dr. Taunya Lowe
Episode: 125
Show Recap: Riot Starters! Where are your products? You’ve written the book now what? You’re speaking on stages, now what? You even speak for FREE, what’s next? Well I’ll tell you what’s next PRODUCTS! Digital, print, courses, t-shirts, mugs, journals. The products you could create are endless. so why don’t you have any? WE are chatting with podcaster, teacher, global economy enthusiast, Marine Corp veteran, coach and consultant Gerald W. Jones II.

Man Up To GreatnessShow Name: Man Up To Greatness
Host Name: Reginald Dillard
Episode: 16
Show Recap: Guest speaker Gerald Jones II. Gerald is a performance consultant, leadership coach and a entrepreneur. You can contact him at and