February 7, 2018
Don't Put Your Tax Refund Into a CD!

Don’t Put Your Tax Refund Into a CD!

Certificates of Deposit (CD) Make You Lose Money This is a quick bonus episode for all of you who have downloaded the Buy Black […]
January 20, 2018

Government Shutdown Highlights Need for Black Independence

This morning, Republicans introduced us to the first (of potentially many) Federal Government Shutdown in the Trump era. We've been through this before and each time news articles remind us that a Government Shutdown Hits Black People Hardest. As a Community, it's time for us to make those articles obsolete.
December 23, 2017
Eight Ways Trump Failed to Deliver on His Tax Plan

Trump Tax Plan Analysis: Eight Ways Republicans Failed

Candidate Trump based a lot of his campaign promises around a Simple Tax Plan that would let you file with a postcard and "put H&R Block out of business". It was great rhetoric but the $1.5 trillion question is, “Does the new tax law deliver on those promises?" The simple answer is no…no, it does not.