Linda Walton-Robinson

Linda Walton-Robinson

Growing up in Berkeley, CA in the 70s, as an African American female, I enjoyed a certain amount of freedom. My friends and I enjoyed being able to go where ever and whenever we wanted and never worried about police approaching us in a threatening manner. We waved to them and they waved back. The most any officer ever said to any of us was ‘Ya’ll be careful’.

I didn’t realize until I graduated from high school that people of color were detained for no reason other than the color of our skin. In the last couple of years, this seems to be happening more often and incidents are escalated to the point where people of color are losing our lives. With a passion for helping people live and thrive, I went to Humphreys University and graduated with a degree in Legal Studies. After I graduated I took a position working for a company that provides legal representation for law enforcement personnel. This is crucial to allow them to perform their job duties. But, while I was helping these members, I wondered about the ‘people’ that did not have affordable, reliable and quality legal representation. At $200 to $400 per hour most people are priced out of this life changing service.

But, isn’t it in the constitution that we, the People, are afforded legal representation? It is. Sixteen years ago, My husband and I were invited to see a presentation regarding a business that offered affordable legal representation. We saw the value immediately and became members right away. That company is LegalShield.

In March of 2018, I met a man who has been an associate in LegalShield for 18 years. I never knew this was a business opportunity; that I could help protect rights, families and lives. And, generate an income for myself and my family. I was all in! I guarantee you. From my experience as a LegalShield member and someone who worked with law enforcement, anytime you can say these 7 words:

‘I’ll have you speak with my attorney’

There is an instant power shift! Those words are powerful and I want ALL black lives to be empowered!