There's a story behind every podcast. Ours began with tragedy, but will end in triumph. On July 5th, 2016, the world watched as Alton Sterling was murdered by police officers outside a Baton Rouge convenience store.

The following day we saw Philando Castile gasp his final breaths on Facebook live; shot seven times in front of his girlfriend and daughter as he respectfully complied with a Minneapolis police officer's commands. My spirit was crushed.

These events shook me to my core and inspired me to take action. I wanted to do something that strikes at the root of systemic racial oppression in the United States; economic disenfranchisement. After ten months of experiments and failed projects, the idea for Buy Black Podcast struck me like a lightning bolt. I worked furiously over the next two months and the inaugural episode of Buy Black: Build the New Black Wall Street was released July 5th, 2017.

The Voice of Black Business

Now, one year and 60 episodes later, we are pivoting our brand to take a stronger market position. Buy Black Podcast | The Voice of Black Business is the nerve center where consumers, business owners, and entrepreneurs can shop, share, build, connect, and support Black-Owned Businesses.


The philosophy driving Buy Black Podcast is rooted in Dr. Claud Anderson's "Powernomics" Theory.

Five Levels of Control

1. Economics
The foundation is economics; ownership; independence. Without wealth you cannot control politics.
2. Politics

3. Justice
Without political control, you cannot demand and materialize justice for the families of people like Philando Castile, Korryn Gaines, Celine Walker, and so many more.
4. Media
It is through media that populations form images...of themselves and of others. Without ownership of media, we have no control of how our image is manipulated and projected to the world.
5. Education
Similarly, education is how a people passes cultural knowledge from one generation to the next. It is no coincidence that today's children (of all races and backgrounds) graduate from high school knowing only two names from Our Black Past...Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks.

Our intent is to significantly increase the Black Community's internal control of the first two levels (Economics & Politics)


Buy Black Podcast | The Voice of Black Business contributes to these efforts on three critical fronts:

Black-Owned Media

The voices, images, and messages originating from this platform are entirely in our control. We welcome anyone to have a seat at our table, but the Black Community's needs will always be served first. Our perspectives will be broadcast, heard, respected, and championed...always.

Facilitating the Growth of Black Wealth

Our podcast provides free marketing for black businesses, education for budding entrepreneurs, and a reliable place for consumers to find and spend money in Black-Owned Businesses. We have gathered over 250 Business Resources to answer the questions that commonly go unaddressed in the Black Community. "How do I register a business? Where can I apply for grants and loans or find investors? Where are the Black-Owned Businesses near me?" Answers to each of those questions live here at BuyBlackPodcast.com.

Black Nationalist Political Power

My personal political philosophy (now speaking individually as Gerald) is rooted in Malcolm X's Black Nationalism. He proclaimed (rightly IMHO) that neither the Democrat nor the Republican Political Party exists or intends to truly serve the interests of Black People.

He further explained that if Black People collectively withheld support from either political party we could force both to make real, tangible, systemic investments into our communities and our long-term interests. His intent was not to completely abstain from politics. Rather, to function as a cohesive voting bloc, taking control of the political positions that directly represent our communities and directing our national political support to whichever party follows through on promises which enrich and empower us.

I, personally, am invested in helping our community realize and apply the strengths of both the liberal and conservative elements in our population. We must work together and serve our collective interests rather than tearing each other apart in service to the interests of others.



We amplify the voices of Black Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to Ignite the Global Black Economy.


BuyBlackPodcast.com will be ‘First In Mind’ for consumers, business owners, and entrepreneurs to shop, share, build, connect and Support Black-Owned Businesses.

Core Values

Community first. People always.

Buy Black Podcast is not about "anti" anything. It is about actively loving, caring for, promoting, and building wealth for ourselves. We encourage people of all races to come, listen, learn, and support. Use the information and resources available at BuyBlackPodcast.com to start and grow your businesses. Contribute to our body of knowledge and our conversations. Just don't try to shift, shape, or control the narrative. In this space, anyone who is not Black is a welcomed guest. We expect everyone to treat our home with the same respect customarily shown while visiting anyone else's home.


To learn more about how you can help us Change the World, email connect@buyblackpodcast.com.

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